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retoot this and I’ll send u a sea creature pic based on my first impression of u

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I'm going to enjoy using this to commute again :D This new job is suiting me already

I need a haircut and a shave. Just looked in the mirror and called myself a hippie.

I'm currently trying to not suck at war thunder - so far so good! haha

@aussocialadmin Hello! Do you haz list of silenced/blocked/whatever instances? <3 from sunny Bendigo

Almoat vegan fail: Making my bro a vegan cake, and I was about 3 seconds away from greasing the cake tin with butter. I looked at the butter in my hand and said "waaaait"

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Remember that if you need any assistance with regards to gendered nipple problems in your migration from #Tumblr, we now have dedicated support at femalepresenting.nipple.soluti

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How to Make Pasta for Two
1) ok put a pot on to boil
2) now put some pasta in, just a bit more than enough for one
3) ok good, a little more though
4) a bit more
5) tiny bit more
6) you dickhead that’s enough pasta for 27 people and it’s in the water now you can’t put it back in the pack. For fuck’s sake, EVERY time. We are not MADE OF MONEY. It’s not like you contribute equally around here anyway I have to buy the groc-

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For new people:
The fediverse has been around for around a decade now, and it's not going to "die" any time soon.
Other centralized social media encourages bad habits to keep engagement, but we're not about that here. It takes time to shake those bad habits, but do your best and you'll get used to it. Thanks to the public timelines, everyone has an audience right away here, so nobody worries about follower count/ratio. We're here to have a good time, not to get "clout".

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Hey good people. This bot provides a feed of new warnings (excluding some EPA and Weather events to reduce noise) posted on It should only be around a minute behind the actual website. It should be pretty reliable (I've been collecting the data for a while) but please don't rely on it as a primary alert method. This account is unmonitored. Please send any feedback or queries to @stubbers

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World Recession!
Financial experts fear worst as economy slumps!

Instagram: Where if you heart a pic of someone's dog wearing a Santa hat that means you get ads for Dine and a follow request from a greyhound

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Here’s a free #English #ProTip.

If you’re wondering if you should say “you and I” or “you and me”, delete the “you and” and see if you sound like Cookie Monster. Switch if you do.

“You and me should go” yields “me should go”. Use “I” here instead.

“That’s good for you and I” yields “That’s good for I”. Use “me” here instead.

Don't tell anyone, but the actual reason we're up One Tree Hill is so I can try to not win the "whitest pins in Victoria" award while also not getting sunburn.

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