@unfa Hey unfa! Love your wrok, greetings from Australia :D

Hi everyone! I'm not dead. Very detoxed of social media though, which is nice :) How are yooze?


So basically I just realised I had a hope that Labor would win than that would mean I won't have to fight, like... desperately.... just yet. Then last night showed again that a lot of our neighbours are right to far-right, like in other colonised places (SAD!), and there will be a de-emphasis or halt on climate or social action -- as promised.

I guess last night I was woken up to my quite nonsense hopes.

Maybe tonight I'll write a feels-post, time will tell! I've had a lot of feels this week. I'll CW it though lol

But then, in a genius move, I just said yes to another shift hahaha fuck you Joe

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Also, sorry no fediversing, too much adulting to look at mah phone :/

I've adulted so much in the last week, and more to come, but I'd really rather not... I think I'll spend my lunch break fantasising about all the ways I'll be a massive hedonist some time in my future

@Spanx hey mate! How you goin? You still alive and whatnot?

#auspol, Seat of Bendigo 

zooooomg, the parties are Lab, Grn, Lib, and the only other contenders are Pup, The Very Caring Potato Party, Young-earth Fundies and Anning's Nazis... Yikes...

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How's all your days going? What's been a good bit?

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