Add in a litre of stock. Doesn’t matter. I’ve tried beef, chicken and vegetable stock and honestly it’s all good. Add a litre of water too. The mushrooms and rice will soak up the liquid and make it thick so add plenty so it’s well covered.

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Once that’s done add in like a cup and a half I guess of brown rice? I use this brown rice + quinoa stuff because it’s nice. Stir about for a minute.

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As promised, mushroom and brown rice soup recipe. Now I do this in a pressure cooker but on the stove is fine. Whatever. 2 carrots, 1 large onion, 3 cloves of garlic, 3 stalks of celery, about a bag (400g?) mushrooms, sauté that in some olive oil until nice and soft. Add some pepper, parsley, paprika and couple of sticks of rosemary.

By way of obvious demonstration; first half of this recording is with a Gods Cab impulse loaded, second half of the recording is the exact same recording but without it turned on and sounds shocking.

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Tonight's jam, it's been a while, I don't even know what this is. Kind of reminds me a bit of maybe The Cruel Sea?

Absolutely adoring the courier’s delivery tracker’s description of my town in Tasmania

Tonight's jam recording, some snotty garage punk, circa Adelaide 1996. Grudge. Blood Sucking Freaks. Buellah's Fix and such. Cheap Southwark Bitter and a few lonely goths hiding in the corner looking lost.

Teaching Miss 5 to play chess. As expected, my chess skill level is such that she forced me into a stalemate in her second ever game.


Adding extra exclamation points to your “Fairer Land Tax!” sign with drippy white spray paint is not the least bit psycho.

Bird loves me and did not want to detach from my hand but I don’t think it is in it’s right mind so I have placed it up in a tree so it can get its shit together.

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So over Easter we drove up along the north-west coast to Arthur River and then drove around the Tarkine. Choice photos follow.

My sister found some of my old photos and sent them over, including some of my old Type 3. If someone sees this driving around Adelaide wave them down and offer them money for it on my behalf thanks xx

I just went to copy and paste some variable parameters from a StackOverflow post and this popped up. The internet is fucked.

Related to a toot from 12 hours ago, I am attempting to record a cover of "Ceremony", in the process coming to the conclusion Stephen Morris is the most talented member of New Order.

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