Chemistry lab: rows of shiny test tubes and glassware

Physics lab: expensive equipment with flashing lights

Ecology lab:


Very hard being a dog that’s let into grandma’s place on a Monday morning


A neat thing about living where we do is every week we get blueberries and eggs from a farm down the road and we say hello to the chickens who lay the eggs, and one chicken lays blue eggs, and every week we are given one blue egg.

fathers day 

The haul: Paper tie. French toast. New weather station after the old one got zapped by lightning.

cat/human eye contact 

Cat sitting on the back of my chair as I sit in the dark mastering two tracks for a new album

Cat is doing a thing tonight. Every time I go around the corner she is just sitting there, in a weird place she never sits, staring at me. Ill omens.

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Shout out to Mrs Jimbob who at the age of 42 just got her P’s.

corporate rainbow-washing 

Hey LGBTIQ+ youth, does your breath stink, does it really fucking smell bad and are your teeth all crusty and horrible?

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