Now we play “what have I done to break the NCI supercomputer today?”.


Just went down to check my work mailbox for the first time in 2 months and found a cap sent to me by someone at the NSW RFS I helped out. Very nice. Makes it all worthwhile.

I'm not saying MDPI suck, they don't necessarily suck, but I would just watch the process very carefully and make sure you know what's going on. Paid staff have a habit of rushing things to keep the numbers up.

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This is the same family of journals, by the way, that invited me to review a paper a while back, I started the review, was ready to submit it, then they emailed me saying my review was no-longer required.

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Suspecting a journal I am an editor of is sending papers out to review, before I have approved the submission. I suspect this because I approved a paper for review at 10 am this morning, and then I was notified the reviewer reports were in at 12:30 pm...


Imagine if they just had interesting sports on TV without all the Olympics bullshit around it. Imagine if you could just turn on the TV on any given Saturday night and catch some Judo or gymnastics. I would like that I think.

Listening to Fade to Black on repeat. Don't worry, I'm fine, it just fuckin slams.

TFW the University you work for has a wholly-owned subsidiary called UTAS Properties Pty. Ltd.

Staring at dozens of graphs, writing a paragraph on each one offering my opinion about why the line is going up, going down, or just going wobbly. It's a living.

20 years ago on the web, you had to jump through tons of hoops to listen to anything resembling recorded music, but you could read some article written by someone instantly, for free. i think it's becoming the other way round now

A big deliberate change in how I interact with people online, in recent years, is I consciously try not to lay shit on things other people like. It’s mean, doesn’t make you any friends, and I like some pretty dumb shit too.

Having said that, I am utterly astounded that in 2021 Big Brother is still on TV, who the fuck is watching that?

Tonight's jam; my new flat-wound strings arrived, fitted them to the Gretch, here's how they sound.

Hey, what's that smell in my car?

Don't worry, baby, it must be the area

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Just noticed that Wilfred Owen's '
Dulce et Decorum Est' rhymes? I'm sure it didn't rhyme when I read it 50 times in high school. Is this some Mandela Effect thing? Does anyone else remember Dulce et Decorum Est not rhyming?

ah yes the steam deck, that rare combo of a cleveland steamer and an upper decker

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