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Bandcamp promotion 

I got things polished up and organised last night so I'm happy to announce a the latest Milford Progress Association album is up on Bandcamp: "Curve of Binding Energy", a dark and dynamic meditation on the nuclear age. You can grab my whole discography super cheap there too.

Grant me the confidence of a machine learning nerd submitting their paper to an ecology journal.

In my usual Saturday morning routine of "find some random stuff I can buy on Bandcamp for $2" I discovered some glorious folk-synth.

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Trying my hand at finding the location of my great-grandfather's farm, where my mum was born. Information I have to go on is basically "The house was called Ardleigh and it was on the Neimur River". I have found an ancient, blurry NSW topographic map with a dot named "Ardleigh", all of the finer-scale maps of the region just label the land parcels by which bank owns the title. Have honed it down to within a couple of kilometers or so, though.

Not to be casual about the data exfiltration, there is no reason for Optus to actually keep records of my ID numbers after having seen them. But I feel opening a bank account is slightly more complicated than telling them some numbers?

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Optus hack; seeing people say "hackers have 100 points of your ID now, they can just start a mortgage in your name"... Last time I opened a mortgage, the bank wanted to see my *actual* drivers licence, not just be told it's digits. Along with, like, dozens of pay slips and account records from every other bank I had an account at. Is it true you can just get a mortgage with a driver's licence number?

Suprise public holiday, wear shorts, listen to Underground Lovers.

Indeed, repairing quickly to Gautamas asylum, O king, he presented those ear-rings unto the wife of his preceptor, O sinless one.

I know people are like "nooo your phone doesn't listen to what you say and serve you ads, don't be paranoid" but we were just lying in bed and I said to wife "hey I have left over pineapple pieces, I should make them into a cake or biscuits or something today" and wife says "yeah that's a good idea, we can do that" and then 10 minutes later she opened Facebook on her phone and the first ad was a Golden Circle ad with a recipe for pineapple cookies.

Seriously somehow I have industrial sized quantities of sweet and sour chicken.

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Living my best life (cooking way too much sweet and sour chicken while sipping a Cooper's stout with Miles Davis playing on the Bluetooth speaker I got for father's Day).

Did just negotiate the Deq'ville Tce roundabout for the first time in my life though I think.

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You need a certain mindset to live here and I've been in Tasmania so long I've lost it.

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I'm back home in Adelaide, visiting for my Dad's 80th and am playing the classic game of *oh shit we're out of food, drive 12 suburbs away to find a supermarket that's open at 6pm on a Saturday night*. Absolutely classic.

Is your teen becoming an audiophile? Watch for these signs.

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My son is using his 16th birthday money to buy GY!BE vinyl for an exorbitant amount of money and I don't know what I have created.

So now ALDI is selling “plant-based” flour.


I have managed to make my code run 16 times faster, taking something that took 8 days to run down to 12 hours... saving YOU, the taxpayer, money!

Prison abolition means you can’t call pineapple pizza a “food crime”

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