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I think I am finally getting the hang of making sequenced drum samples almost, *almost*, sound like a realish kit.

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Tonight's jam recording, some snotty garage punk, circa Adelaide 1996. Grudge. Blood Sucking Freaks. Buellah's Fix and such. Cheap Southwark Bitter and a few lonely goths hiding in the corner looking lost.

And thus, the experiment teaching the kid to play chess ends. Apparently I am very unfair and she only wants to play against adults who aren’t horrible cheaters.


Honestly I'm being driven mad by being told "Everyone is very impressed with what you've accomplished, you're doing great" and "Why haven't you done this yet, you promised it would be done, why isn't it on track?" - often by the same people.

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So Bitcoin is definitely a hybrid-war weapon designed to hasten global-warming-triggered water-wars under climate-collapse conditions, which the US military's analysts believe the US could definitely decisively win in the short-term but maybe not in the long-term, right


Step 1. Realize you have your 6-monthly progress meeting with stakeholders and the steering committee next Tuesday.
Step 2. Desperately email a bunch of people to set up meetings you should have held 3 months ago, so you can report "Yes, I'm onto it, I've got a meeting on that issue next Wednesday" at the progress meeting.

Weird thing of the day: I did a very rough edit of Ghostbusters (1984) to cut out as much of the capital-c Comedy content I could and treat it as an accidentally campy horror drama/thriller.

300 MB .mov file here:

birb site thread of notes and a few short clips here:

masonic temple, straight-on view, mineral king avenue, visalia, california, 2003

Teaching Miss 5 to play chess. As expected, my chess skill level is such that she forced me into a stalemate in her second ever game.

👏 normalise 👏 offices 👏 having 👏 hammocks


A lesson on being *very clear* with instructions. I'm teaching an online course on bushfire; as one of the exercises we have students perform a fuel hazard assessment "in your garden or in a local park". It appears a lot of students took "you garden" very literally because I am now trying to mark a bunch of assignments where they have tried to assess the bushfire risk of rose bushes, ornamental hedges and herb planters.


Adding extra exclamation points to your “Fairer Land Tax!” sign with drippy white spray paint is not the least bit psycho.

Obsessively watching the Cambodian guys on YouTube who build massive multi-storey water slides etc. in the jungle. Someone please tell me they are well compensated and drive around in BMWs off-camera.


"my laundry machine uses gigabytes of traffic every day" is another one of those fun things we can say now that we live in The Future™


Bird loves me and did not want to detach from my hand but I don’t think it is in it’s right mind so I have placed it up in a tree so it can get its shit together.

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Probably my favourite thing is when, having charged me 15c per shopping bag, they give me at least six bags that only have a single item in them. One time an entire shopping bag had a single small spice jar of cinnamon.

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