Very exciting. Note I know next to nothing about drones or LIDAR, but there was a spare seat so I'm tagging along to learn I guess. I may die.

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Today’s work; compiling C libraries

Tomorrow: flying out to SW Tassie in a chopper to do drone LIDAR surveys

Just had a conversation with my 14 year old about “tonguing”.

He’s learning the flute, I find it fascinating, I don’t know anything about woodwinds at all.

Unstoppable Force: ABS Housing and Income Survey

Immovable Object: Mother-in-Law who isn’t going to tell the government how many damn credit cards she has

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A tour of TownsOS, the weird, proprietary GUI that came with the Japanese FMTowns computers in the late 1980s.

Wow, much a e s t h e t i c.

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Having had a chat with another staff member who also applied for this position, and found out he wasn’t shortlisted by accident when it was discussed in a departmental meeting he was attending, we’ve both been on the blower to the union.

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Interesting to hear employer has hired someone stuck in in the Netherlands for the position I applied for, when the amended staff agreement we all just approved says they're not allowed to hire externally...fascinating.

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TIL that the DOOM theme is twelve-bar blues. [When I played it way back, my computer didn’t have a sound card.]

I think it fits on my Twelve-bar Blues alignment chart at “Harmonic Purist, Structural Rebel”.

Morning of unrelenting mental context switching, take a break to grab a cuppa and check the news and looks like everything continues to be fucked yeah

Google Earth Engine is some arcane magic. "You want a supervised classification of Landsat imagery over the entire Earth? Sure, that will take me...oh never mind it's finished, here's a zoomable map at 30m resolution."

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Dealing with the lack of a new job by picking up some pizza from the kind of rural pizza shop with a slightly disturbing cartoon Italian chef on the window.

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Just found out I missed out on the permanent lecturing position I applied for, possibly because I’ve never used a theodolite. C’mon, it can’t be that hard.

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if you have like one of those induction cookers can you like put your guitar on it and use it as an ebow

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I've been meaning to write a blog post complaining about how (seemingly) every anti-capitalist organisation, publication etc just loves to use the not anti-capitalist social media (FB, birdsite, even patreon etc) and apparently has no cognitive dissonance over that.

Before I do, can anyone think of any exceptions to that rule? A socialist party, a left newspaper, anything like that that actually uses fedi (or something similar) actively?

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