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Bandcamp promotion 

I got things polished up and organised last night so I'm happy to announce a the latest Milford Progress Association album is up on Bandcamp: "Curve of Binding Energy", a dark and dynamic meditation on the nuclear age. You can grab my whole discography super cheap there too.

It being Friday afternoon, listening to Sunn o)))

I threatened to get a blog. After searching for weeks, it seems that yes, Wordpress is the only game in town now. Despite them removing almost everything blog-like about it (I still haven't figured out how to add anything that looks like a blog-roll or link list in modern Wordpress...) Seems Wordpress is mainly used for e-commerce and portfolio websites now.

Anyway, I used it to blog, about R geospatial frustrations:

Back in the old country (Adelaide) they had chips *peas* and gravy. They also had banana fritters.

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One year of data processed - no crash! - 119 years to go.

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Update. It's running fast. Really fast. If this actually works and doesn't give me some out-of-memory crap again, then it will reduce what used to take 7 days to process, down to about 12 hours. I'm watching the logs scroll by.

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Beating the hell out of my code. Started the day with a weird out of memory error. I've taken everything apart, and built it back up again, trying to trace where it's coming from. I'm pretty sure the end result is code almost identical to how I started. I don't think I've changed anything that could possibly matter. We'll see how it runs now.


Over the last week my voicemail, and presumably that of a bunch of other people in my electorate, has been flooded with messages from the Liberal candidate calling the sitting Labor MP a disgusting, depraved sex maniac because they found some tweets of his from 2011 where he retweeted some swimsuit models. So it was weird to see the Labor and Liberal HTV folks chatting amiably over a mug of tea at the booth this morning. All just a game, I guess.

i read a thing recently that blew my mind a little.
went something like:

people can imagine time travel to the past and one little act making massive differences in the timeline

but in their present they think even the greatest effort they can put in will not make any difference to the future

Kiddos school has a "walk to school, get a free smoothie" deal happening today. Rather than handing out smoothies as kids arrive, they are assisting on releasing all the smoothies at exactly 8:30. We are 1 minute away from utter chaos.

Might fuck around and stick massive cardboard posters of my face on every available surface in a suburb then get extremely red and mad when someone draws funny eyebrows on some of them.

@jimbob crypto have ruined 3.0, the correct version for software after 2.0 is now 5.0

Like I clicked on the first example listed of a thing that uses RSS3 and it asked for my wallet address.

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Continuing my search for interesting, new, modern blogging software, noticed a number of projects support or indeed are even sponsored by something called "RSS3". Cool! I like RSS! Nice that they are extending it and making it more useful I guess!...

So I explore this RSS3 thing and find that pretty much everything that uses it is some crypto/NFT/metaverse bullshit. Why does this stuff have to ruin everything?

There is an interesting thing going on where people are using LaTeX to write Ponzi scheme marketing material so it looks like science. Hilarious.

Alcohol Eurovision 

Been up since 5am drinking mimosas and watching the song contest. Threw a couple of votes to the UK for not being fucking awful. Positive reinforcement.

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