Currently at Derwent Bridge on the way to Strahan, outing myself as a Hobart resident with the mask

🐼 The natural history of quadrupeds, and cetaceous animals
Bungay, [England]: Printed and published by Brightly and Co, 1811.

By "old synths" I mean a VST I loved back in like 2005 that due to the wonder of computers I can now get running in Linux in 2021.

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Tonight's jam, not sure what this is, something bright and dramatic, just playing with some old synths.

Tassie lockdown 

Grabbed whatever office equipment I could carry, grabbed some bahn mi, joined the 4km long line of traffic trying to escape Hobart for Launceston and made it home. Let’s do this thing.

Still had no real satisfaction on this front so I've started making some of my own

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So it looks like “Google Docs” spam is a thing now, what fresh hell is this?

I want to listen to some extremely old techno/trance. With the vibe of something someone taped off a 3am show on community radio in 1992 that was probably produced on an Amiga. Where do I find this.

Writing a grant application, you know what that means, folks; dragging those document margins way way out to the edge.

Having a bit of a Mandela effect moment, I’m positive the I remember the antihistamine that is apparently called “Claratyne” used to/should be called “Clarantyne”…

My research team’s in the running for a Eureka Prize tonight. I’ve also just bought a Powerball ticket. I have never won a thing in my life so we’ll see if lightning can strike twice.

Oh flock! got leaked. Like, the entire website; Source code with comments for the website and various console/phone versions, refrences to an unreleased steam competitor, payouts, encrypted passwords that kinda thing.
Might wana change your passwords.

Publish one paper, media coverage paints us as Pygmy-possum-hating stooges of the logging industry. Publish the next paper, media coverage paints us as greenies trying to dismantle the logging industry. I guess this is just what I do now.

I have figured out that some guy called Josquin has some real bangers.

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