Hi friends!
I'm Jim. I'm approaching 40 and been living in Germany for the last few years, but I've got no desire to lose touch with Australia.
I think I've had enough of FB so here I am.
It's a dream for me that when this life is over, I want to be able to look back and know that I lived the life that I was supposed to live, not a life that I was paid to live.
I particularly enjoy (barefoot) running.
If you think we'd get along, don't hesitate to make contact!

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@jim Hi! I hope you find the community here that you are looking for. Although I'm more active on Twitter, what I like about here is that it IS community. If Twitter is a busy, noisy city bar, this is a friendly country pub, where it's safe (and possible) to relax.

Where abouts are you in Germany?

Hi Smiffy, thanks for your reply.
I'm living in Berlin for now, but since covid it's a different place (like many big cities I assume) so we're not sure how much longer we'll stay here.
I was never on twitter, but we'll see how mastodon goes. So far it's feeling good here :)

@jim In all the weirdness that has come out of this pandemic, I've spent the last two months working for a Berlin-based business. The world is a small place!

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