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everyone on mastodon is 24 except me eve and dirt, none of whom are 24.

I have seen more hate for straight people (mostly, but not limited to men) on here tonight, than I have heard from straight people for those not straight in my entire life! 😞

This really seems like a step backward.

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Taking down the donation request because y'all are the best people in the motherfucking world and I got what I needed to pay my rent. Thank you all so much. If you boosted the previous posts please boost this one too, and know that I love you.

@dirt got me thinking... With some text smileys, and some emoji, I can 'feel' it. I don't know how to explain it, but I guess it would be the same sort of thing as someone who can visualise sound, or hear images/noiseless videos?

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#JavaScript is basically #TypeScript with implicit `any`, but you don't have to write any types.

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Mode Type: User (server)
Letter: +🏹
Name: Sniper
Description: Can only be set by network operators. Gives the user the ability to enact kicks and bans in any channel, but only if they are not joined to the channel in question at the time.

I've come here because I'm developing a decentralised chat service, which will operate somewhat similarly to how Mastodon works, so I figure it's best to see what works well here, and what doesn't.

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‪"I'm so rich my house has solar panels...... In Melbourne"‬

First time on the big M. It's a lonely world out here.


Welcome to thundertoot! A Mastodon Instance for 'straya