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Just updated my website to link back to my Mastodon account, so now the link to my home page is verified!

Question to any web developers out there: My site has articles for people to read like 'How to identify junk apps' ( ), should I be adding some kind of large header image to set the mood?

The downsides would be having to find images that relate, dropping support for low bandwidth connections since I'll be pushing a giant image, making the page longer and slower.

The upside is that people may take the page more seriously since it would look like other professional prose.

I just checked my Facebook page and saw I had 2 inbox notifications. Uh-oh! Are these potential clients that I've accidentally ghosted? Opening the inbox, I find: Nothing.

Thanks Facebook.

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not gonna lie when people say they just "want a linux distro as simple as OS X/Windows" then people list off ones that are simple as hell and they're like "nah this feature doesn't work like it does on windows/os x" i scream internally
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While I was gone from the fediverse iI managed to migrate my small static business site from managed hosting to my home.

Hello again folks! I'm returning to Mastodon after disappeared. In case you don't know who I am, I'm John and I do tech support in Tenterfield. I also do remote support online, including Linux and open source support.


Welcome to thundertoot! A Mastodon Instance for 'straya