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Facebook suggesting I change my business hours from 'not listed' to 'permanently closed' is a bit of a dark move

@Tarale Nice! As for the floor being sticky, at least it didn't involve having to clean up glitter. :)

@koosli I would've thought Scott Ludlam a while back, but he's not a politician any more.

@probgoblin You hate oil changes like you hate being in class?

I tracked down a MATE bug that breaks font thumbnailing in Ubuntu Bionic / Mint Tara and newer. If you're interested, check out my PR:

I really wish TPM-based encryption wasn't a thing for consumer electronics. I'm all for encryption, but having a key that only unlocks based on your boot process becomes a headache when that boot process or hardware bricks itself and the user hasn't made a backup.

@shlee I still have the music from that game stuck in my head.

@Tarale @virtualwolf It's the phone porting process that's terrible. Which ISP are you with now?

@aussocialadmin Yep! I'm not too sure how I feel about it- It looks a little wasteful compared to the advanced mode.

Quick note about invoices and receipts: I'm now writing and sending these directly as text via email. It looks less elegant, but this means you no longer need to handle PDF documents. This allows easier reading, copying, pasting, searching, and archiving. If you don't like this, don't worry: I'm still happy to send you or print PDFs at your request.

@enetheru I've found the best method for capturing flies is probably a clapping motion from the side while they've landed on something. To avoid being caught they have to fly upwards and fast rather than just moving away.

Behaviour-wise, regular houseflies (brown) tend to fly in a pattern and land regularly, getting caught against windows helps confuse and catch them.

Blowflies (green) however stay airbourne with irregular landings which makes them exceedingly difficult to catch.

@Spanx At least it doesn't hurt of the flu! 👍

@froosh Nice! Can't wait to see some benchmarks. FTTC here is better than ADSL, but still... FTTC.

I imagine the failure is due to low quality parts, or even bad emulation- It would freeze during SMART tests. Searching up the controller chip SM2246XT online shows some similar board layouts. Today's hard lesson is: Don't buy electronics off shady eBay sellers.

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Here's the full counterfeit board in its glory. A single Toshiba NAND chip and a SATA controller on a green PCB. Definitely not a large blue PCB with multiple Kingston NAND chips.

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A QR code for the serial number, not a Data Matrix code? The sticker is also a little off-center. Could this be counterfeit? Let's look inside- Uh oh...

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@wobin Nope, I removed the attached black and white warranty sticker from the front and lost it earlier.

I haven't heard of manufacturers using Philips screw heads. Anything off about the back?

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Here's a fun problem I ran in to the other day: Client's SSD is throwing IO errors. Can you guess why?

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