Bah, I fell victim to the dreaded expired SSL certficate error on my website. All fixed. :)

@mike Ooh, what kind of bread is on the right?

@shlee Wow, with those speeds you might as well not get the NBN unless it's fiber.

I wonder why Windows update breaks so often and causes a good amount of the problems I fix on people's machines.

@shlee Wow really? I've not listened to it but it seems like that's just a thing that's there now.

@shlee I haven't checked the map but there's no smoke outside today where I live. So maybe?

@mike Yikes. I'm with Exetel and we've had IPv6 for a while now.

Facebook users have provided and verified that my business is permanently closed apparently.

Facebook suggesting I change my business hours from 'not listed' to 'permanently closed' is a bit of a dark move

@Tarale Nice! As for the floor being sticky, at least it didn't involve having to clean up glitter. :)

@koosli I would've thought Scott Ludlam a while back, but he's not a politician any more.

@probgoblin You hate oil changes like you hate being in class?

I tracked down a MATE bug that breaks font thumbnailing in Ubuntu Bionic / Mint Tara and newer. If you're interested, check out my PR:

I really wish TPM-based encryption wasn't a thing for consumer electronics. I'm all for encryption, but having a key that only unlocks based on your boot process becomes a headache when that boot process or hardware bricks itself and the user hasn't made a backup.

@shlee I still have the music from that game stuck in my head.

@Tarale @virtualwolf It's the phone porting process that's terrible. Which ISP are you with now?

@aussocialadmin Yep! I'm not too sure how I feel about it- It looks a little wasteful compared to the advanced mode.

Quick note about invoices and receipts: I'm now writing and sending these directly as text via email. It looks less elegant, but this means you no longer need to handle PDF documents. This allows easier reading, copying, pasting, searching, and archiving. If you don't like this, don't worry: I'm still happy to send you or print PDFs at your request.

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