Honestly surprised that my website hasn't been pwned yet after self-hosting it for 3 years on the same machine with rare maintenance?

I recently posted on Facebook tech advice along the lines of "If you use Windows 10 and it runs slowly, get an SSD" because I've had multiple clients with machines being hammered by disk usage on idle Windows 10. This doesn't happen in Windows 7. Does anyone why this is? Is it all the telemetry? Bad drivers?

@mike We haven't had any cool space explosions for a while, have we? I'm more interested in the investigation that finds it was easy preventable if they didn't ignore engineers or maintenance workers.

With a bit of work, I have my phone USB tethering to my OpenWrt router and have actual Internet back in my house. Not decent enough for hosting services (triple NAT), but it gets the job done. Windows 10 managed to eat up around 200MB doing ... something. I told it I'm on a metered connection and to halt updates, maybe that should help?

Hey fediverse, due to bad weather my wired Internet is down with a month until a tech will look at it. I've also had my Facebook account I use for family, friends and business locked for using a third party messenger. Suddenly I have a lot of free time to muck about on Mastodon. Anything cool happening?

@mike How do you do fellow ${country.nickname}

Is it just me or does Officeworks just not sell legit USB-C cables?

@shlee Whoa, with that much I would expect he at least fact check his videos

Did you know that I run my website from home? It's a simple website, sure- but instead of being located on a server in Sydney somewhere it physically sits on a Linux machine that exists in my home and connects to the Internet through my home's Internet connection. When you go to my website you actually send data to my house and back!

I'm consistently disappointed in myGov's approach to two-factor authentication, namely by its lack of backup codes. If you lose your phone and need to access government services there's no recovery options. Contrast this to Google which for example allows you to enter a backup code that you've written down. With myGov you have to make a new account. Unacceptable.

Bah, I fell victim to the dreaded expired SSL certficate error on my website. All fixed. :)

@mike Ooh, what kind of bread is on the right?

@shlee Wow, with those speeds you might as well not get the NBN unless it's fiber.

I wonder why Windows update breaks so often and causes a good amount of the problems I fix on people's machines.

@shlee Wow really? I've not listened to it but it seems like that's just a thing that's there now.

@shlee I haven't checked the map but there's no smoke outside today where I live. So maybe?

@mike Yikes. I'm with Exetel and we've had IPv6 for a while now.

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