I've been waiting literally for years for an NBN connection so I can finally have full IPv6 at home, and now I'm just 3 days away from connection and my future ISP has just suspended their IPv6 beta program due to Cisco bugs.

@jchelp Aussie Broadband. Not really holding it against them, it's just a bit frustrating that I'm so close to having the capacity to host some things at home, after years of getting dates pushed back.

@mike Yikes. I'm with Exetel and we've had IPv6 for a while now.

@mike @jchelp I've heard really good things about Aussie broadband. Was planning to go with them when we eventually get nbn in my suburb (which happens to be 2km from the city center :-/).

@Funkpirata @mike @jchelp I'm in the CBD and don't have nbn yet! But then neither does my new place yet.

I'll be going with Aussie BB. Love their service down on the island. Way better than any other mob I've been with in the last couple of decades.

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