As a Greens member for 10+ years, this leadership spill is a blatant ratfucking of the membership and we need to call it out as such

About a year ago someone on the team decided to use pickle files for storing data and now I want to ragequit my job

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Exercise after the new year’s break and a holiday: it’s a moment of truth isn’t it


Coming back from the holidays with zero leave banked is honestly soul-crushing. Also the doomies on the day before work are *intense*

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here's a great Arabic version of The Internationale #deathtoamerica

(there's at least one of these for every MENA communist party and I have approximately zero Arabic, so I have no idea what the differences between them are. I like this performance, though.)

How the hell is there anything left to burn in this country

Heading into work after a week off gets the doomies hard

Apparently one received a shipment yesterday and sold out in an hour

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Visited 2 chemists this morning and both were sold out of face masks

We've got a summer theme for the office Christmas party this year and I'm gonna suggest the team wear dust masks

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It's that time of the year that think to myself, "Why the fuck did I go back to uni?"

Really bothers me that the city is full of smoke instead of literal tons of exhaust fumes


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