I'm a part-time software engineer and stay-at-home-dad. I used to be a high-school English teacher, but cured me of that.

I love poetry but don't read enough of it.

I hate arguing online but I do way too much of it.

I try to seek out people with different life experiences to me, so if I follow you and you wonder if I'm gonna be problematic and tell you you're wrong, I'm actually just listening in and hoping to learn something.

I'd probably block me. YMMV


@JacksonBates Hi there, always interested to see another software developer pop up, also anyone involved in education :)
I'm curious what kind of software you work on?

I've been working in mobile games for about 14 years now, took a break to build less interesting things when we started our family but managed to get myself a job working from home with flexible hours so got back into it.

@jamesg I'm not in education these days, unless Machine Learning counts :)

I mostly work on an internal product at a machine learning company, with a little bit of client work too. I work on the front end aspects of some machine learning tools, and develop some of the supporting back end stuff too. But I don't really touch the ML models.

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