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Singapore is technologically advanced in so many ways, but is still heavily reliant on cash.

i have downloaded half of netflix to my phone, my library to my kindle, and just discovered a great new show on in-flight entertainment. i have no reason to buy internet access but did anyway to share this exciting day with you fine folks. be well.

also for the novelty

I prefer 16:9ish aspect ratios even at the movies - it's just a comfortable width and I can see the whole screen. I know people love wider pictures at the cinema, though, and it can be an artistic choice or whatever. Cool, great, enjoy. At the cinema!

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Why the fuck are shows made for TV and never shown in cinemas being produced at super-wide ratios? I know they will fit some phones nicely, but surely no director wants to optimise for a tiny phone screen?

Is it just snobbery? Do directors just associate 16:9 with lesser-quality work? I'd wish they'd get over it because cropping like this shits me.

It's Greenland. What could it cost, ten dollars?

why is there no new bojack yet. it feels time for new bojack. hashtag.

i wonder if people on twitter talk about mastodon as much as people on mastodon talk about twitter

@imathew I remember reading something about this a really long time ago! The translators mostly had to come up with their own puns, I'm pretty sure, but if I remember correctly they tried to stay true to the spirit of the original. I'm still so impressed with how well they did.

This reminds me of how I grew up with the English translation of Asterix books. They're really heavy on puns, and I don't know if they were completely rewritten for a different audience in a way that still works with the plot, or if the language similarities mean that they still mostly work. I want to learn French specifically to figure it out.

did anyone ever figure out what dubstep was all about?

virgin australia free in-flight wifi lets me connect to my vpn. cool.

and... novelty has worn off now.

i'm on a plane.
i can't complain.

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