@Cacotopos Guess what unopened bluray my previous TV came with...

@Cacotopos Yeah, good call. I watched the first half of it with the 8yo last week (his first, my first since the cinema) and he got bored halfway and went to his room to play Minecraft.

I waited until he went to bed and watched Aliens for the first time in years. Same director, similar vibe, but I had more fun!

"Gimmick" is too negative a word - it was impressive technology and I was an awe for the first half of the film, but once I got over that the plot was pretty standard Dances With Wolves, Last Samurai, Kipling kind of stuff.

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Is the Avatar sequel going to bomb now that people are sick of 3D? Isn't it an average film that was pumped up by that gimmick?

I may be unnecessarily and frustratingly verbose but I'm not as unnecessarily and frustratingly verbose as PowerShell.

Sega had better buy a big developer soon or they'll lose the console wars.

It has taken me 41 years to realise the longest day (Dec 21 this year) isn't the same as the latest day (very early Jan): timeanddate.com/sun/australia/

@space_cadet So that we can't look up reviews of products in the store :D

@mike I lost interest when the currawong was voted out. Wicked smart birds beat pretty birds for mine!

@mike may have been Tasmanians. They're invasive here, contributing to the decline of swift parrots and green rosellas. (Not as much as humans, though!)

@josephdlyman@mastodon.sdf.org Over a decade but I emulate them a lot with Gotek drives!

@mike I didn't know you could configure a printer for that.

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