@ben_hr The worst temp! Cold, but not cold enough for snow or bragging.

virgin australia free in-flight wifi lets me connect to my vpn. cool.

and... novelty has worn off now.

i'm on a plane.
i can't complain.

psa: life is too short to listen to the national

While we're not as bad as America yet, it annoys me when Australians say we have a great health system. We don't anymore, and it continues to be eroded.

Decommission private funds, nationalise health (again)!


kid me had a good handle on inflation due to the annual increase in the cost of two games, shoe hire, hot dog, fries and a coke

Turned down a doughnut sample at the Winter Feast because it's too early for sweets. I don't think I'm welcome back at his stall.

I'm 's marked dough foe.

@jamesg Thanks! Just boring stuff for a Government agency. Has been more management and support than development for a while, but .NET and Grails, mostly.

Hence working with Commodore machines because it's more interesting/challenging!

Since I've come to a new instance I should throw out a new .

I'm a software developer in and I like a bunch of dumb shit such as fixing computers, listening to Broadway , watching Australian football (), boosting memes.

It annoys me that Americans say "I could care less" instead of "I could care fewer". Please sign my petition to address this.


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