@mike Nice, I had a boxed 4.2 (it arrived and it took me probably weeks to learn how to dual boot and install next to windows)

@mike Cool name but now I have "Zendaya is Meechee" in my head, thanks.

@liamvhogan no knowledge is wasted. one day you might be in a slumdog millionaire situation

@liamvhogan i mean we can overthink these things but while the nanny herself is from flushing, the family and most of the show is probably set in manhattan?

Can I blame gamers for the death of the (sensible, perfect) 16:10 monitor ratio?

A foggy sunrise north of Hobart yesterday morning. Auto-panorama.

happy new financial year you capitalist fucks

stepson sang "six white boomers" at his christmas assembly today, which i think was about the CEOs of the top six fortune 500 companies

Some asshole's snarky "let me google that for you" response to a question someone once asked on Reddit is now the top search result for that query. Guess how I learned that.

Nice work, dickhead.

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