"Gimmick" is too negative a word - it was impressive technology and I was an awe for the first half of the film, but once I got over that the plot was pretty standard Dances With Wolves, Last Samurai, Kipling kind of stuff.

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Is the Avatar sequel going to bomb now that people are sick of 3D? Isn't it an average film that was pumped up by that gimmick?

I may be unnecessarily and frustratingly verbose but I'm not as unnecessarily and frustratingly verbose as PowerShell.

Sega had better buy a big developer soon or they'll lose the console wars.

It has taken me 41 years to realise the longest day (Dec 21 this year) isn't the same as the latest day (very early Jan): timeanddate.com/sun/australia/

Can I blame gamers for the death of the (sensible, perfect) 16:10 monitor ratio?

A foggy sunrise north of Hobart yesterday morning. Auto-panorama.

happy new financial year you capitalist fucks

stepson sang "six white boomers" at his christmas assembly today, which i think was about the CEOs of the top six fortune 500 companies

Some asshole's snarky "let me google that for you" response to a question someone once asked on Reddit is now the top search result for that query. Guess how I learned that.

Nice work, dickhead.

a lot of sore losers at the start of new tv show 'for all mankind'

find someone who loves you as much as jaycar catalogues love home security cameras

What idiot designed the Euro coins? Not individually, but as a set. They're all too similar to each other.

The notes are p cool tho.

i don't plan to get a dog but i can't imagine naming it anything other than mister peanut butter

The four turtles at the top of this fountain represent important Italian Renaissance artists: Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael.

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