Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ilia [ˈɪlɪə] and I am from Melbourne. I like reading (currently reading "The Practice" by Seth Godin). I am an amateur photographer. I also like sci-fi movies and games. Professionally, I am a Security/DevOps guy working for Carsales.

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@iliaf ::high-fives in amateur photographer::

Welcome! :D

@iliaf Hi – am a refugee from FB trying to get my head around this platform. Looks amazing so far!

@reneeotmar Welcome! You'll love it here. Facebook is not "in" anymore 😃

@iliaf Thanks! I'm loving it already. Now trying to get 1000s of people to defect with me. 😜

@reneeotmar That'd be awesome! I'm doing my part too. But some people are set in their ways 😞

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