Hi everyone and thanks to @Posty for inviting me to join. I am an RN in the community health sector and previously I worked in a major emergency department for 10+ years. I'm a mum to a 4.5yr old and long term partner to Karen. I love fishing, drawing and gardening but don't get much time to draw these days. I am currently being assessed for ADHD so keen to hear how others have found this process as I'm a bit anxious I won't get a diagnosis. Anyway great to meet you all!


@Kath @Posty Hey, and welcome to somewhere not shit.

I was (re)diagnosed with ADHD in September 2020, and the process was smoother than I thought it was going to be -- however I was diagnosed as a child, so that helped.

For those getting diagnosed as an adult, from memory they need to assess your working history and any issues arisen that could be attributed to ADHD, school report cards etc -- establishing a history of disruption to your life due to the ADHD.

If you're in Adelaide, I can recommend a good neuropsychiatrist.

@hyper @Posty nice to meet you here, I'm new to the adhd diagnosis process and am struggling to get someone from work to contribute objective evidence, they felt questions were in conflict with job requirements. Looking at getting a previous colleague that I no longer work with to answer but didn't help that the question provided for objective feedback were written like they were asking for a professional opinion :bunnethonk:

@Kath @Posty Do you have any documented instances of getting in trouble at work?

@hyper @Posty not really, just some instances where I completely missed the purpose of something or misinterpreted the instructions resulting in me taking way too long to do something that should have been achieved in an hour. I hide things pretty well that's why this is hard.

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