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What server resources are required to run a Mastodon instance?

Pro Wrestling 

McMahon under investigation for some shady shit and appears on Smackdown in one of the shortest segments on the mic ever, almost as though it was a "just gotta show I'm still around" thing -- and again on Raw.

What the fuck is going on?

More and more, I find myself hating the bird site.

Metro 2033 & Metro: Last Light Spoilers 

Finished both Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light over the last couple of weeks. Solid story shooters.

Don't understand the ending of Metro: Last Light though.

If Artyom detonates D6 and is dead (per Anna talking to her child - also wtf, did they fuck or what?) - how is Exodus a thing?

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Delete the shell and interact with the kernel directly.

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Rough Doodle ⇝ Clean Sketch ⇝ Smooth Ink... working on coloring as we speak. I'm absolutely loving the way that Amarathena is coming along, this is so much fun to work on. I love making Wing-it commissions and can't wait to show you this one finished.

If you're interested in seeing more, feel free to check out my Ko-Fi gallery at Ko-fi.com/MeaKitty - I have so many awesome things coming up by the end of the month, definitely at worth least following me there so you can get a first look at it.

Tonight is the final night of my five part stream to raise funds for St Jude Children's Research Hospital!


Tune in from 9PM AEST on YouTube for some Extra Nightmare Doom Eternal!

Donate here:

Let's. F'n. Go.

(Any boosts would be really appreciated)

Tonight, we begin our campaign of rage and fundraising for the St Jude Children's Hospital!

Join me over the next five nights as we play through Doom Eternal on Ultra Nightmare mode!


Monday morning. I'm still waking up feeling like I'm walking into hell in my old role. Slept like shit, and now my eyes are burning.

Need coffee.

@christopher do you have any recommended PS starter tutorials?

Apparently Eve Online removed the active player counter from the launcher today.

20k average players concurrently will do that to you I guess.

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