PSA for European, North American and other northern-hemisphere dwellers:
Please don’t use the four-season cycle to measure time when posting or writing! Seasons are totally different in the Southern Hemisphere, and even different countries disagree on when they start and end (solstices or months). Christmas here is in summer, or more accurately on the border of Parradowee and Burral in the Dharawal 6-season cycle (because applying European seasons here is imperialist bullshit).

PayID is a completely flawed model. There will continue to be breaches.

Aussie banks warn customers after fresh PayID data breach

I thought the cat was being cute and cuddly but she just wants my chair.

So now we nurse our hangovers. And work our how to rebuild.

It’s truly horrifying watching all of these tech companies scrambling to redefine privacy as “we take your data and don’t give it to anyone else” instead of “we don’t take your data in the first place” so it better fits their existing business models 🤔

Fuck this is the darkest version of “guess how much I love you” I’ve ever read




holy shit i did not know that the AFP were created because a prime minister got the shits for getting egged

that is a legendary level of being mad

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Reminder that the AFP still brags about how it was created to protect a racist politician from an egging.


Hmm, I haven't been here so long, I still have a Christmas hat on...

was feeling a bit shit today until i saw the headline 'billionaire dies in failed attempt to enlarge penis'

"I am not watching this" my husband says, hitting "play".

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yep that's about what I thought he'd be like

there's some choice editing going on in that segment.


Meet the man behind a third of what's on Wikipedia


Christmas Gin with finger limes is the most Australian of all cocktails.


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