Hey so here's my !

I'm Phoebe, I'm 36 years old and I'm transgender. I'm unemployed, but hoping to go back to study in the new year in a healthcare related field.

I like binging tv shows, anime and movies, I *really* love Star Trek. I'm a bit of an artist, but I'm entirely self taught, so it's not like I'm creating masterpieces or anything, but I like to futz about with GIMP, Affinity Designer and Blender. I got a DSLR awhile ago and I like to break it out every now and then. Real jack of all trades master of none territory.

I am annoyingly political, although I keep most of that to discord and twitter. So yeah, glad to be here and hopefully we can make this take off!


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@headkittens give me all you’re auspol ❤️ you can cw it so people who don’t want to see can avoid it

@headkittens a political discord? *shudder* oh nooo..

ooh art, I like art, hopefully we can see one day!

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