Another story about my former boss. He used to do regular bar stocktakes of one of the gentlemen’s clubs in Sydney, not like strip club, like dining club. They had an arrangement: pour your own drink from the bar, sign a chit, pay your bill monthly. It was always monstrously in the red.

The barman explained to him that they just increased the annual fees to cover the shortfall, satisfying everyone: it was more exclusive that way, and the members were happy to go on stealing from each other

Oh hai. It’s been a week and it’s only Monday!

Well, this past two weeks has been soul crushing. I need a reality check.

@MattHatton I miss living that far outside the city. We are in Eltham North on 1/2 acre which is lovely, but moved from 3 acres in the Macedon Ranges about 6 years ago.

The home of the inventor of Cascading Style Sheets:

Currently on an express train that caught the train before it
and thus turned into a stopping all stations train that never actually stops at a station.

Shame that Gimlet never continued the Uncivil podcast I really enjoyed it and keep holding out hope they’ll reboot it.

This seems like a controversial take but I LOVED The Mandalorian and find Picard meh.

@haruki_zaemon he hit a rock while cycling with her. All he could say as he lay on the ground was “breathe for me”, and then he lost the ability to breathe. She kept him respirated until the ambulance came. They later married and had a daughter together.

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"Shake is a typeface made from the real handwriting of a person living with Parkinson’s disease"

If anyone had “will use cromulent and copacetic in the same week” on their “Simon is a wanker” bingo card, congratulations.

9yo: What’s this thing, dad?
Me: A radio.
9yo: What’s a radio?
Me: How we listened to music before the internet [...]
9yo: Wait, what? You couldn’t choose what you listened to? You just had to listen to whatever they decided?
Me: Yeah. Same as free to air TV.
9yo: What the what now?
Me: the thing mum uses to watch the Tennis.
9yo: 🤯

From a work colleague about my new role: “Don't forget your new joystick is actually attached to the games console.”

@daedalus @MattHatton @ThermiteBeGiants @koosli @Andrea @liamvhogan @virtualwolf @mike social budget is currently over utilised. The board has however approved $14.50pp for this event.

Werner Herzog hears Paul F Thompson do a Werner Herzog impression:

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