@josh oh no!! We’ve all been there, hope you’re not too far from where you need to be

@josh I love a good ride to work, especially on brisk days

@Lyden I’ve never been ether, was just looking it up because my friend was talking about it, looks like a great time to have fun and nerd out

@Lyden my friend is photographing at that. Looks like a blast

@cos @futzle I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. Just very clumsy

@cos @futzle gahhhhhh, wordpress is sooooo bad at doing what I want it to. Nothing sits like it's meant to and menus only come up when THEY decide to.

@knack @cos expensive but way was my nickname in high school.

I’m fine with a moderate amount of work, but around $100 is fine, square space is just exorbitant for a website I sell on very little.

If any members are here please message me, I’m trying to organise a response to the removal of covid iso payments.

@futzle @cos $120 a year seems far more reasonable

Also yay incube8r ❤️❤️❤️

I’m asleep but I’ll have a play tomorrow and let you know

@cos I dont really follow what that means but I appreciate it ❤️ (I’ll probably understand more as I get my hands dirty)

@futzle @cos if it helps make sense of what I want to do, I want to remake my website www.harrymillward.com (I don’t need to have a store on the website as I can link to my Incube8r store) it won’t have to look the same, it just needs to show pics and be functional and vaguely attractive.

@cos cool! I’ll have a play. Thanks for your help :)

@cos it just needs to be a bunch of information, images, and links. Don’t need to update regularly.

My time is worthless 🤭

@cos see, you’re already teaching me something. I wouldn’t know how to self host. Is security updating hard or is it just a button to press?

So I’m sick of paying squarespace for a website I don’t use a lot, would I be crazy to make a new one in wordpress? I have little to no experience in creating a website from scratch. Should I read or watch anything before attempting? Or is it worth it just to pay squarespace like $350 a year?

Fascists in Melbourne 

There are currently fascists protesting a drag queen event for kids. Anti fascists and union members are on there way. Let’s show them Fascists have no place in Victoria!

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