Fascists in Melbourne 

There are currently fascists protesting a drag queen event for kids. Anti fascists and union members are on there way. Let’s show them Fascists have no place in Victoria!

I friggin love this little guy!

Another painting I did with my friend.

Painting I did with my friend Lam, we donated it to the local burger joint and he’s going to hang out on the wall 🍔

We swapped back and forth and let the mistakes live in it, with fabric, glitter, zip ties, and wild mix of paint.

So brilliant to get to know Tony Millman, he came out today to support us at Public Housing everybody’s business. Really love his music tonymillmanband.bandcamp.com

This government is so neoliberal pretty soon they’ll start privatising public holidays!


Story of performative reverence without any genuine respect for First Nations people.

(photos censored out of respect)

Union thugs 

First bit of fun with the Renters and Housing Union (RAHU) today. Turns out real estate agents are cowards.

They left before we got there, while customers were left without service, one poor guy couldn’t drop off his keys because they closed one and a half hours early. Rude.

Start of a digital painting, I think it needs more details but not a bad start :)

Anti homeless architecture 

My response regarding the anti homeless seating (see thread) I would urge anyone to email their representatives if they have hostile architecture in their area.

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Anti homeless architecture 

Pathetic response from the office of Robin Scott (see thread for details)

If the problem remains then talking about other investments doesn’t change that.

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Anti homeless architecture 

First email complaint to my local council

I’ve started playing around with @Krita - this is my first attempt to use it for a little scene drawing.

Union thug life 

Standing right my comrades in solidarity with early childhood education workers.

The workers united will never be defeated!

Buzz buzz! Spring is here, let’s all say thanks to our little friends who keep the flowers blooming. 🌸🐝


Auspol RWNJ 

Yeah, absolutely silenced, canceled, etc etc… with your full page opinion piece, your radio show, regular spots on TV, your social media etc… must be awful 🤡

Absolutely drivel.

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