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I can now say I’m officially running as a senate candidate for Victoria for the federal election 2022 😁

Some of the heros who come out every week for Public Housing - Everybody’s Business.

Characters each, with stories, jokes, laughter, and passion. Hanging out with them is a highlight of my week

Auspol reproductive rights 

@hugh @grumpysmiffy @harrym As much as the Coalition needs to spend some time in the wilderness, Labor needs to spend some time in minority government.

Auspol reproductive rights 

Vic Labor voted AGAINST this bill that would help reproductive health be more accessible and affordable.

Labor siding with the Libs for publicly funded religious institutions to be able discriminate against those in need is bloody shameful.

Always fascinated by ancient quotes that remain true today. If a man is indifferent, is he really “good?” 😇

If I could just live without working for a while and go visit family, read a book, play a game that would be great, no I don’t want to use my annual leave, if I use it then it’s gone.

I can fold fitted sheet, something to put on the old resume?

While we resist every day; in our communities, workplaces & universities we are calling on you to commit to growing the resistance by preparing to mobilise with us & unite in centralised moments to challenge the facade of this colony, as a whole >

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Auspol climates change 

Just sent this email to Vic Greens and all Greens senators.


So disappointed to see the Greens cave in. This is an issue of science, not politics.

They gave up one of their biggest bargaining chips and for what?

Just started donating to Mastodon through patrion. Better than endless ads!

In case the image isn't clear:

"Boss - Do you think you can come in on Saturday? I know you enjoy your weekends, but I need you here.

Me - Yeah, no problem. I'll probably be late though, as public transport on weekends is slow.

Boss - What time will you get here?

Me - Monday"


@Kovach @harrym @solitaryvirtue Kovach, you asked “Why does someone owe something to someone?” For me, the answer is because we are human.

@harrym @solitaryvirtue @Kovach How about a higher level of tax on people with very high incomes (e.g. people who could easily afford to buy more than one expensive house) but at a level that wouldn’t de-incentivise them to work?
The right to own hundreds of times more stuff than other people is not more important that the right to have basic shelter. It isn’t necessary to tax medium-income earners into poverty to ensure everyone has somewhere to live.

First activist event I’ve ever organised and I’m so grateful to those who came along to support public housing.

Let’s make Victoria a place where all people have access to a home ❤️🏡

Deleted the Facebook app, trying to detox from Meta products a little at a time.

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