If any members are here please message me, I’m trying to organise a response to the removal of covid iso payments.

So I’m sick of paying squarespace for a website I don’t use a lot, would I be crazy to make a new one in wordpress? I have little to no experience in creating a website from scratch. Should I read or watch anything before attempting? Or is it worth it just to pay squarespace like $350 a year?

Fascists in Melbourne 

There are currently fascists protesting a drag queen event for kids. Anti fascists and union members are on there way. Let’s show them Fascists have no place in Victoria!

I wanna get a new job but everything on seek looks wrong for me :/

It’s so nice to be sitting in a room with no ads on the wall, signage only for important information…

Having a bad day, send your best union/worker solidarity memes.

I friggin love this little guy!

Another painting I did with my friend.

Since there’s an unlimited budget for portraits of monarchs have we considered using it as a building material?

Painting I did with my friend Lam, we donated it to the local burger joint and he’s going to hang out on the wall 🍔

We swapped back and forth and let the mistakes live in it, with fabric, glitter, zip ties, and wild mix of paint.

Amazing speech by Joe Toscano of 3CR fame today at the vigil for Public Housing on the so called day of mourning.


So brilliant to get to know Tony Millman, he came out today to support us at Public Housing everybody’s business. Really love his music tonymillmanband.bandcamp.com

Any moments of silence from me today are purely coincidental.

Twitter could learn a little something from Aus Social mods. Racists, transphobes, homophones can trick them so easily.

This government is so neoliberal pretty soon they’ll start privatising public holidays!

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