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"Buying the dip is just giving cash to people scrambling to get out flush."...

By not touching crypto, we're all doing out part to keep them stuck with their shit assets burning a hole in their crypto wallets.


When I see a poster with the word FAMILY on it, I immediately assume LGBTQI+-phobic, antivaxx, anti-abortion, religious right.

Thoughts with QLD folks enduring yet MORE rain. (While we remain in semi-drought.)

health -, meds 

Oh, FFS, sleep not happening, and this is a not negotiable for me. Extra seroquel, plus valium.

HELLO! I am struggling a bit (a lot) right now. If you are expecting anything from me (like an answer ) please remind/pester me, because I am not keeping up. 🖤

selfie, eye contact, alcohol 

Cheers, and godnatt!! This is my penultimate absinthe - only one shot left in the bottle, as this is a rare treat.

macOS: do you want to install updates?
*clicks install*
*gets taken to 'discover,' not updates*

iOS does the same. It is VERY ANNOYING.

we should start using the word sigmundfreude like the word schadenfreude when we talk about making overtly lewd interpretations of things that are non-lewd on surface

arte manual 

o que vcs fazem quando tão tristonhos?

eu faço macramé kk

Röyksopp status 

I don't tend to get live albums based on studio material, but working through in series on Wikipedia, Röyksopp's Night Out follows The Understanding, so I just went and grabbed it.

And am very glad I did so, performances are quite different. The upbeat, instrumental version of Poor Leno is like WOW.

Melody A.M. ✅
The Understanding ✅
Röyksopp's Night Out (live)
The Inevitable End
Profound Mysteries

Do It Again (Röyksopp & Robyn)

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Röyksopp status 

What Else Is There? is basically Röyksopp meets The Knife. (Olof doesn't appear on the track, but has a recording credit.)

Melody A.M. ✅
The Understanding
The Inevitable End
Profound Mysteries

Do It Again (Röyksopp & Robyn)

I have (with dismay) reactivated my as-real-time-as-possible Brisbane area flood level webpage at

Image description or previous boost. Left: News article "'It's a Bloodbath' - The Crypto Crash is Real" Right: Yes, ha, ha, ha, YES Sickos meme.

OH, MY GOODNESS! I'M 13 DAYS LATE! Completely forgot the new Röyksopp album, Profound Mysteries came out on the 29th of April!

*frantically downloads*

Everything has just gotten huge. Been working with only one monitor for a week, after the smallest (22"?) died. New one has arrived, so my original 24" primary is now secondary, and the new 27" is primary. Everything looks so BIG!

The screen share of my 13" laptop is a whopping 19" on the primary.

Niche, I know, but juggling CPAP headset over a wooly hat - challenging. Finally, hopefully, godnatt!

med - 

Oh, fuck. I should be falling asleep, but overstimulated. Taken emergency double seroquel. Fuck my fucked up brain chemistry.

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