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Doesn't sound like, but some of the style, and arrangements are reminiscent of Björk.

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Now onto Seafarer - Lindy Fay Hella's (Wardruna) first solo album.

Only my second listening, forgotten just how good it is.

Because when I can read Íslensku, I can read the Eddas in the original language. Which would be cool.

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Chillin' to Daði Freyr. Shame Eurovision didn't happen, as I'd have been totally behind Iceland.

Really need to get back to Íslensku.

OMG, OMG, OMG, I'm literally in tears, not sure if that's good 3 days post cataract op, but congratulations @emmadavidson, I am so happy for you!

Argh, can't stand the suspense! I've never had such a close investment in politics before (and currently totally disenfranchised).

BAD Green Owl 

Gah, Green Owl only went and turned off TinyCards, just when I could do with it, having decided to get back into Hangul. The rotters.

And their Korean course is pretty shit, I find. But I REALLY like the approach of the Memrise Korean course. Right now, the happy, friendly people in the video clips are just what I need.

Oh, my, Memrise has got Yorùbá. Always meant to look at an African language, and always assumed it would be Swahili but, out of respect for Nigerian friends, hey, why not?

(And there was I, trying to avoid tonal languages).

There's something incredibly satisfying in setting up an app in another language (German).


Now, if this isn't the coolest thing you've seen today then you need to close the refrigerator. It's an animation of how bridges were built in Central Europe in the middle-ages.


Anyone else find OwnCloud not preserving permissions? Created a little Perl script on one machine 0755, shows up on the other 0644.

medical, bureaucracy 

Scary. The TODO and DOING columns of my cataract surgery kanban board are now empty. (I haven't added "go have the surgery" to the board).

But sheesh, Glad I'm on top of making sure everyone's got the right paperwork, as the official systems sure ain't up to it.

How are people with no admin experience supposed to use the system?

Is :birdsite: down for anyone else? Three accounts, Twitter web plus Tweetbot - nothing in timeline or notifications, but can see my own tweets.

Anaesthetists: "We have received your incredibly detailed medical record, thank you immensely! "

Thank you, Professor Bain, for giving me the guidance as to how to improve my original document.

I've found clinicians who are also academics to be great with this sort of guidance.

selfie, eye contact-ish 

Busfie. Last day with natural (and defective) eyes.

Come up trumps with the bus. Firstly it's a Coaster rather than a Hiace and, most significantly, the driver is going to drop me at my hotel, rather than the official drop-off point. Not a walk I'd been looking forward to with a forecast sunny 26°C.

Spoken to anaesthetist, anticipated argument didn't happen, go ahead, chuck a needle in myself before hand.

So I guess it's on.

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