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The Frozen Autumn is only the third act to get a double👍👍, and the second Italian one to do so. (The other is Ulrich Schnauss.)

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Did you know that Hante (Hélène du Toury) did a track with Sólvieg Matthildur (Kælan Mikla) ? Dark Wave match made in heaven.

The Frozen Autumn (Italy) - Pale Awakening (1995)

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Winter Severity Index. Italian female duet. Style is vaguely reminiscent of Xmal Deutschland. Love it.


In the basic end of Duolingo Danish, I kept getting "I am a boy" (jeg er en dreng) which would earworm me each and every time. Have now completed my MM collection on Apple Music.

Here's the track that started it all, on Bandcamp:


No pics, but I am enjoying Pirate Life Ice Imperial Stout. Out. Of. This. Fucking. World. 16.4% ABV

Today I learnt that a red panda is also known as a firefox

(Source: )

Things have seriously gone to shit. My partner is doing the dogs. I am to bed, after emergency injections. Goodnight

Music recommendations 

These were suggested to me by Apple Music, based on "seed" albums from my collection.

I listened to them so you don't have to!

From Röyksopp
- Hans-Peter Lindstrøm (NO) 👍
- Anders Trentemøller (DK) 👍
- Todd Terje (NO) 👍
- Vitalic (FR) unsure
- Air (FR) unsure; album: Moon Safari
- Apparat (DE) nah
- Caribou (CA) nah
- Ulrich Schnauss (DE) 👍👍
- The Chemical Brothers (UK) nope
- GusGus (IS) unsure; album: Arabian Horse
- Sébastien Tellier (FR) unsure; more prog rock? album: L'incroyable vérité
- Booka Shade (DE) nope

From Minuit Machine
- Geometric Vision (IT) 👍 A bit New Order-ish.
- Rue Oberkampf (DE) 👍
- Ash Code (IT) 👍👍
- Selofan (GR) 👍
- Sixth June (SRB) 👍
- Twin Tribes (USA) me
- Linea Aspera (UK) unsure
- Skeleton Hands (USA) meh
- Buzz Kull (SE) unsure
- TRAITRS (CA) nah
- NNHMN (DE) 👍
- S Y Z Y G Y X (USA) unsure; bit boring
- Velvet Condom (FR) boring, poor audio
- Fragrance (FR) 👍

YEAH! I've had Ash Code on my list to investigate for a good while, just got thrown into my playlist based on Minuit Machine. This is good.

A Dutch guy wrote a funny little Linux tool that "Makes a little bit of noise any time your computer sends a packet to a Google service".
Result is lots of noise.

Hélène du Thoury is the best. Just sayin'.

Didn't know Minuit Machine/Hante were mainstream enough to be on Apple Music (been accessing through Bandcamp) but it's all there, so having a blitz on the best of Parisian Dark Wave,

Of all the technical communities I've encountered, the Gophers Slack is streets ahead of most others in terms of friendly and helpful folk.

I have not had a single issue that wasn't resolved quickly - has done wonders for my learning.

The PostgreSQL one is pretty much up there, too.

Nothing like the tech douchebro-infested channels elsewhere.

Our game came out today. It's a massive game for an Australian team, and a massive game for any indie team. We're all really proud of it. It's been 6 years in development.
It's out on consoles 6am local time, and out on PC at 5pm AEST.
Thanks for your support ❤️

When I go back to very basic Duolingo lessons, I keep getting "I a a boy" and EVERY TIME I get earwormed by Minuit Machine's song of that name. It is a very good song.


That really is quite exquisite. In case I can't get it again, I will reserve a can for my personal beer advent calendar.

And definitely shouldn't be chilled. I find it too cold even at 14.5°C, per my infrared thermometer.

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Pirate Life (Adelaide) Ice Imperial Stout, 16.4% ABV. Incredibly complex flavour. For once,I won't complain about the 355ml can size, because this is NOT a session beer!

I got two things wrong, giving it a quick chill when I should have left it at room temperature, and timing, this is definitely a supper beer.

Just hope that it's not limited edition.

Available from Beer Cartel.

Robert Miles' third studio album, Organik is NOTHING like the preceding two, but is very, very good. Highly recommended.

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