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Just ordered a couple of Seeeduino Xiao RP2040 boards. 8 AUD a pop, free shipping (until end of August.) Can treat as Arduino and programme in C/C++, or Micropython, or CircuitPython. Thumbnail-sized.

Unlike traditional Arduino MCU, has a dual-core ARM Cortex M0+ clocked up to 133MHz.

The RP2040 has got a prettty amazing specification, and SO CHEAP!

Just purchased the only complete English academic translation of the Malleus Maleficarum. Have only read the Montague Summers version.

Kindle edition:

Sirenia's Riddles Ruins & Revelations is a bit of a departure in style from previous albums.

DAFUQ? I've got Big Sur on this machine, but it only has Python 2.7?

Related: there is a complete, academic translation of the Malleus Maleficarum available, of which I was unaware. Only knew the Montague Summers translation. Looking forward to reading it, if I ever get paid.

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My partner sometimes asks me about stuff that relates to some of my obscure interests. Yesterday I had to drag out my copy of Malleus Maleficarum, which was a bit of a surprise. Wanted to know about a witches book I had previously mentioned, assumed it was one of the junior fiction titles I had previously suggested but no. looks like that's they want.

And today? I have to drag out my copy of DSM-IV

Yes, I have an electric collection.


Duvel, Belgium. Font too small to read the town. 6.5% ABV Had this before, but a long time ago. Goes down a bit too easily. I'd put it in the same bracket as Leffe Blonde, although I prefer the latter. Only a 330ml bottle but, with the size of the head, needs a half litre Weissbier glass.

Bird death through predation, graphic 

That's one fewer sky-rat (European pigeons) crapping in the hay barn.

Looks like the raptors are back! Missing head, hole in back, feathers EVERYWHERE. I've missed our friendly local kestrels, hope they all come back. Used to have a family.

Have also been graced by an eagle, but haven't seen them in years.

OK! Say for the sake of a presentation I want to host a very barebones temporary #ActivityPub server in a browser session (client only, w/ React), one where I am literally sending and receiving #JSONLD and displaying it in parallel to an interface. a) Is there already something like that, b) would this be something I use #WASM for, c) if so, what's the most barebones AP server? I'd like it to be "real" instead of a weak mockup. boosts welcome plz :)

beer question 

I have a saison with a fairly heavy sediment. I assume I need to gently mix this in before opening?

COVID mention 

Chillin' out to some Sirenia, Perils of the Deep Blue. Because you can't go wrong with Morten Veland.

Getting a bit tired of being housebound. Was effectively housebound before, but at least I used to have the occasional Adelaide stay-over. Now, no non-essential travel due to our COVID risk.

So I am trying to do things to stimulate me, and keep me from dark thoughts. Supper last night. Swapped teas to Yunan Pu-erh this morning. Stronger than I'm used to, haven't had it in ages.

Working on a different project for a change (because I haven't been paid by day gig) is also stimulating.

Auspol, TERFs, VicPol 

Looks like the Vic Tories haven't learnt from the NSW mistake that cost a seat.

"It's all in the past" my arse.

Just got into bed. Outside temperature is 5°C, so merino/possum beanie ON. Just need to adjust the CPAP headgear.

Taken a cocktail of anti-inflammatories, muscles relaxant, and opiates, so hoping for decent sleep!

Compression glove and wrist brace on left hand, check!

Goodnight, friends. 🖤

Just remembered yesterday. Got back to my car, one parked beside me had windows down, music blaring. Which I actually recognised! Because it was Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazada. Which earwormed me for a couple of hours.

They were an elderly couple. Would have been super-cool if they had been youngsters.

beer, antipasto 

Bière d'abbaye/, Val-Dieu Grand Cru. Aubel, Belgium. 10.5% ABV Strong, smooth, and I'm glad I'm about to go to bed, because this doesn't muck about. Pairing very successfully with Aldi mixed antipasto meats. A seriously amazing supper!


Gouden Carolus Classic. Mechelse, Belgium. 8.5% ABV The English version of their site is - pretty crap. Switched to French to figure out exactly what they are trying to say. French and Vlaams versions correspond.

Site claims best dark ale in the world. Scroll down, and you find this was an award from 2012.

Still very nice, very smooth.

beer, TGIF 

with a Chimay. I have been aware of it, but I think this is the first time I have tried it. Trappist beer brewed in Baileux, Belgium. 4.8% ABV VERY drinkable. Santé, les pères!

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