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Had to switch to cask wine, due to supply problems with what we usually have. (BWS manager tells men they are having HUGE supply issues, right now.)

As we have no municipal rubbish collection, and thus no recycling, this isn't a bad thing, in terms of waste, but complicates keeping track of what I have had.

Plus casks take up too much fridge space. The answer? Decant into bottles.

Now I just want to maintain a set of bottles, and take them in for refilling.

⚠️ Avoid #Chromium-based browsers: Websites can detect what addons are installed by fetching their web-accessible resources. Try yourself:

This is yet another possible way of #tracking users all across the internet. However, there's a simple solution: Just use #Firefox.

Since the IDs of Firefox extensions are unique for every user, it is not possible to know or guess the addresses of their web-accessible resources.

Work + 

OK, this is good. The Guy In Bangladesh has fixed one of our major show-stoppers, so I can now talk to the Internet from AWS Lambda functions. VPC, Subnets, NAT/IGW and Route Tables - what an unholy clusterfuck.

Had my boss and I at a loss, so he's got some actual AWS talent on the job. Bangladesh isn't bad - it's only 3.5 hours behind Adelaide, so we have quite a reasonable time window.

COVID/cold: analysis 

PCR determined that my cold-like symptoms were NOT COVID , so probably just a cold.

But now did I catch a cold? I was wearing an N95 mask all day, except for the duration of a turkey sandwich and coffee, wasn't near anyone then. Maintained good hand hygiene, so?

I'm reckoning that the problem was that I was exercising my right to bare arms.

So the next time I travel, I will have sleeves. Looking at a long-sleeved merino teeshirt, as best for thermoregulation. Lose that skin contact!


Just got THE text from SA Pathology. I have, as it feels like, got a cold. No more iso!

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Day 3. Not quite as bad as yesterday. Throat now just feels odd, not sore. Chest a bit tight. Otherwise just feel crappy, no respiratory symptoms. Now word on the PCR. Didn't want to waste another RAT, just waiting on SA Pathology. I'd really like to go shopping.

VERY weak last night, though. Tried to do my physio light (60kg) squats, and had to drop the bar onto the safety rails. But was able to lift it off this morning, so not worrying about it.

Since my partner is a bit coldy, she told me to take the mask off last night, which makes things a bit more comfortable. Also not confined to office or bedroom as I was, except when cooking.

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...meant that Soviet tech took its own path. Germanium transistors! High voltage regulator tubes! Trigger tubes! Stuff that wouldn't notice an EMP.

Best of all, I have a box of all the esoteric components, so can maintain forever.

First one arrived was dud, so they had robbed the GM tubes. I replaced these, tracked down the original fault to a faulty HV regulator tube, acquired one of them, fixed! And vendor just sent a new one, with no question of returns. So I have two!

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Going to have to get the case open. Think it's just clipped. Need to confirm the tube type, and also determine if there is a beta shield in there, ie: is it gamma only? СБМ-20 is a beta gamma tube.

Whilst this is incredibly light, can slip in my pocket/rucksack, the delicate inverter/counter circuitry - wouldn't survive x-ray pindown. The old-school Soviet electronics in my military ones, however, are GLORIOUS. Western trade embargoes...

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Масмер 1 дозиметр. Can't trsnscribe the last line because it's Russian Cyrillic, and my keyboard is Ukranian Cyrillic! Display shows 0.06, from the granite benchtop. Takes 4 x AG12 cells.

I will try searching for it, if I can't find the scale, I will just put it on a check source, then put the same source on my military unit WITH A LABELLED SCALE.

I am pretty sure that this uses the excellent СБМ-20 tube, the same as my other instruments, so comparing like with like.

Package from war-torn Kyiv! Saw that the eBay trader still had listings, so bought something to show support. Now the proud owner of a truly portable Geiger counter. Very thoughtfully included English instructions. Now I just have to figure out what units it is reading.

COVID, elsewhere 

My Pakistani colleague said oh, do you still have COVID? They had three waves but now they're down to about 80 cases a day IN 200 MILLION PEOPLE.


Incubation period was way too fast. NOT GOOD right now. Isolating pending PCR result, but would be surprised if this wasn't it.

My partner got me to unmask for dinner (rather than me eating in a different room) because YOLO. Now reconsidering. I have retreated to the bedroom with a bottle of Shiraz.

Let's see how this goes.


Glad I rang up. Waiting for an approximately $400 rebate from my appointment on Tuesday; nothing showing in the bank, nothing on the Medicare app. Looks like it failed. Now submitted.


I THINK that my sore throat might be due to sleeping with my mouth open, due to a blocked nose, but I was hot in bed, so not taking chances, doing a RAT. 4 minutes to go.

FINALLY. Röyksopp's What Else Is There? The melody has reminded od something - ans it's Drowning Man by U2, from the album War. Back from when they weren't crap.

work + 

BEST call with my boss in the *counts* 10 months together. (I knew him previously.) Because he's in another country so doesn't have meetings and, most significantly, isn't surgically attached to his phone.

We had the sort of relaxed, technical discussions that I have been craving since the start.

This is good.

energy, politics 

Anyway, what bunch of fuckwits
thought it was a good idea to have privatised critical infrastructure?

There wouldn't have been an energy crisis with nationalised power.

PSYfive, 4X2=8, Psy 9th. iTunes doesn't have Chiljip Psy-da :-(

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