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Just reminded of the word "dale" and how it's very much a northern English thing (the Yorkshire Dales,) which makes sense, as we're talking about the former Danelaw.

Which takes me to Aldi branding. Trying to make their milk sound English by calling it Devondale, when the two components of the word are from opposite ends of the country. There are no dales in Devon. Believe me, I grew up there.

food shortages, meat 

Personally, meat is not an essential, but I'm unable to convince my partner about the virtues of fish, which I could eat pretty much every day. And defs couldn't convince about dals. I've got a 20 litre bucket of (local) green lentils, and nearly two, five kilo bags of basmati, and we have tens of thousands of litres a rainwater, so not going to starve.

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food shortages, meat 

Woolies online showing out of nearly everything. Aldi almost totally out of mince, and a lot of other beef products. (Not lamb, pork, chicken thoughts.)

And then I got into Drakes, South Australian independent, sources as much local produce as possible, own distribution centre. Shortages? What shortages? All shelves fully stocked. They don't carry decent chicken breasts, which is one of our staples, but Aldi had plenty of that.

Big sound. What you get when prog rock meets rap.

The whole album, Olisinpa täällä, is pretty special.

Pyhimys & Saimaa - Olen odottanut kärsivällisesti

COVID, personal 

It was only a matter of time. A family that I care for (couple with two very young kids) has the 'rona. And my boss is pretty sick, isolating, waiting for test result. Use to now, it's just been more casual acquaintances, unless there are any of which I have been unaware (quite possible.)

So I have now stepped over the line of generally concerned, to actually getting upset.

@nomo You inspired me to see what I actually have in my tea basket. I did indeed have some white. After my first pot of the day, I make a flask of it that I drink in my (home) office during the morning.

Tried this one again. Doesn't have a huge flavour, but goes down nicely.

Mac woes 

And no joy. Crashed again. Now suspect it's not the SSD itself, as that passed first aid.

Probably not worth erasing the disc and doing a reinstall.

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Mac woes 

Saved myself the effort. It just froze and, when I rebooted, couldn't see the SSD again.

Another SMC reset, and it booted again. Now making a tarball of my Downloads directory, the only thing I really "lost."

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Mac woes 

Despite having gone through all the usual recovery hoops, my little MBA had an undetectable SSD, which put me through an unpleasant fortnight of using Windows, until a colleague dropped off the old MBA I'm now using.

Six weeks, and another SMC reset, and guess what? It's back!

Now wondering whether to reinstall the OS, just as a test to see if it is reliable.

Don't know who needs to know this, but there is an app called Evertool that lets you use Markdown in Evernote. ($7.99)

Not compatible with Evernote 10, as they broke a load of stuff in that version, but you can still use Evernote Legacy.

You can use SOME Markdown in regular Evernote, but not as much as I would like. (As much as I would like = full Markdown mode.)

Once again I've got up to my MBP with a flat battery. It seems to randomly not sleep when I shut the lid.

SMC reset?

Are you autistic? Do you enjoy listening to one particular song repeatedly on a loop for hours?


...this shitty. My GP seemed a bit upset by the idea of deliberately getting really sick but likewise knows why.

If we can't pick anything up from the CT, ENT won't do flush, and the cause will remain a mystery. Without knowing specifics, can only be treated to ease symptoms, not remove the cause. Back to square one.

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I'm on long-term doxycycline (antibiotic) and fluconazole (anti-fungal) to control unidentified chronic infection(s).

Saw an ENT specialist who, if she can get evidence of a sinus infection by way of a CT scan, will do a flush and culture to see what's going on. But, to do so, I have to withold the medications to make the condition acute.

I'm a fortnight in and fuck, I am not well. I know I agreed to it, and it's being done for a very good reason, but I wish it didn't have to be...

Seriously? They're going to do the Djokovic hearing over a public Teams call?

"Members of the public are not to provide their name when connecting. It is imperative that you keep your camera and audio off as this can affect the progress of the hearing. Any form of recording or photography is not permitted."

What could possibly go wrong? Er...

There is something very Brian Eno about this album, but then I had forgotten that Hopkins and Eno had worked together, and that I need to listen to Small Craft on a Milk Sea again. (Also with Leo Abrahams, a long term friend and collaborator of Hopkins.)

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Jon Hopkins very sneakily released a new album, Music for Psychedelic Therapy back in November. I have just discovered it.

All of the ambients! But with that characteristic Hopkins rumble in the background, that really makes everything sound so much fuller.

Sliding screen door started making a horrible noise, along the end of the top track. Could feel nothing untoward only track or door, other than some worn off paint. But that's been like that for ages.

Still no idea what the problem was, but it was no match for a smear of molybdenum disulphide grease. Molly saves the day again.

Khorshid is NOT a happy bunny, and quite rightly so.

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