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i find this SO SATISFYING!

ls /home | grep "matter_\|nb-" | sort | awk 'BEGIN{print "#!/bin/bash\n"} {print "cp /home/" $1 "/www/ /home/" $1 "/www/"}' >
ls /home | grep "matter_\|nb-" | sort | awk '{print "cat /home/" $1 "/www/ | sed '/device_data/device_raw_data/' > /home/" $1 "/www/"}' >>

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I feel really old skool! I've just used grep and awk (and ls) to write a batch of sed commands, thus using the holy trinity.

Couldn't find the waiter's friend last night, so ended up opening a bottle of Rioja with a Swiss army knife.

My aversion to corks has now increased, having buggered my already "busy"* shoulder doing so.

*Rotator cuff tears, bursitis, and arthritic degeneration.

In popular culture:

Kate Bush - Breathing
Pink Floyd - Two Suns in the Sunset
Ultravox - Dancing With Tears in my Eyes

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It's strange, the very present threat of a global pandemic gives me far less of a sense of existential angst than the spectre of nuclear war. Although just how fucking close* we came to that is quite terrifying.

*See Able Archer '83, et al.

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It was my introduction to Pink Floyd. It has - significance for me. The Falklands War, the Hyde Park Bombing, and the threat of nuclear annihilation.

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No childhood earworms this morning, for a change. But a strong desire to listen to The Final Cut. Which I am now doing.


Has been (significantly) added to which my vision is rather buggered.

I have just ordered sets of 1/8" shank 45º and 60º carbide V bits to go in the spindle (think: bare motor with chuck, like a naked Dremel) that fits my little XYZ CNC machine.

I have been guided to Scorchworks Fengrave. Windows only, but I'm already doing laser stuff on my refurb Windows 10 Thinkpad.

Is there anything I need to know?

Time to re-listen to Celebrity Number Six - Discoveries again, now it's on my iPad, and I know where it is.

(Thanks to @doktorb)

One of the stranger aspects of Getting My Life Back since being on anti-fungals is that I have been having songs from my childhood popping into my head, early mornings. Recently, late 70's advertising jingles.

Today was "Savings are just around the corner, when Spar is around you!"

Now I wonder what country Spar originated in. Obviously one with a Germanic language.

work mh 

I hate seeing conflict in my work environment. It's nothing to do with me, not my problem, beyond my control


It's entirely my boss's problem, but I can't stop stressing about it.

✅ Valuable meeting with boss.

✅ Booked ENT.

✅ Booked bus to gets to ENT.

✅ Booked general physician.

✅ Ordered cedar balls for winter woollens storage.

✅ Acquired gin.


Good meeting with my boss this morning, establishing priorities and stuff (which are forever getting shifted.)

Best part: despite it being one of the things I was engaged to do, he doesn't want me dealing with the Laravel/PHP side, as that's something fairly easy to resource.

So I get to focus on database, backend, infrastructure (Dockerise All of The Things,) and designing/building APIs.

Which basically means doing the stuff I like best.

Definitely prefer 0730 meetings (this morning) to 1830 meetings (last night.) None of the struggling to stay awake.

Yay, I *do* have a meeting after dinner! Wonderful :-/

Been asked to do a code review for a language I only started using in August. Okaaaay...

Plunge is pretty alternative. In the vein of a Swedish Björk.

Knife, being Karin and their brother, have both remixed Björk, and been remixed by Björk.

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I have been complimented a few times on my documentation. If truth shall be known, it's really just detailed notes to myself, same reason.

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