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I finally got sufficient executive function to investigate the containers that have been in the bottom of the fridge the last 18+ months. Some pickled Lebanese cucumber (Swedish recipe,) still OK and, joy of joys, about 2.5 litres of (green) zuurkool/Sauerkraut. Skim off top cm, all good. Going with my kebabs tonight.

shingles (still) 

Massive fibromyalgia flare-up, and otherwise can't brain. Written another day of work off. Two more days of anti-virals, then I'll be mopping up the knock-on effects, like the fibro. This is getting just a bit annoying.

COVID booster 

Booked a time. Yay! Then got a call back saying that they can't book times, just taking names. So I have to call back in a week.

Something to do with updating an app, or something.

I have to be clear of shingles by a week anyway, so probably won't make any difference.

health, being able to walk, falling over 

And, at the centre of it, I've got the chronic infection, PLUS an active shingles attack, triggering the fibro, and probably doing some serious middle-ear shit.

I put a towel over my head to dry my hair and nearly fell straight over - no vision, no balance.

Not complaining, just writing down what I'm observing. But without the scary aspect, as it's just shit happening.


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health, being able to walk, falling over 

How about that the infection was triggering fibromyalgia plus eye gunk, not helped by cataracts. And issues with various parts of my spine contribute to leg weakness, and lack of proprioception.

Right now? Struggling to step in/out of the house (as before.) If I shut my eyes, I can't balance (proprioception totally gone.)

But at least I know that it's multiple things ganging up on me.


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health, being able to walk, falling over 

When I had a really bad, sustained sinus wossname a couple of years ago, I was terrified by the seemingly single thing that was happening to me, where my body was in spasm, legs were weak, extremely dizzy, couldn't see properly, had multiple falls.

It took a rheumatologist a year later to show me that I had simply been asking the wrong question. 1/n

GAME CHANGER. Austrian colleague just send a one liner, asking if I was better - in German, for the first time. I am SO THRILLED. And of course I replied in German. This means so much to me, a barrier broken down.


It's not over yet. More paraesthesia. Very woozy.

work, health 

Shingles has lost me literally one third of my working week. Boo. That's $$$ I won't be seeing.

With my partner away for 3 days, not sure if I can catch any up, but I'll damn well try.

Do you work with and , such as used for & tools? This might be collecting, cleaning, parsing data, or using data to train and evaluate models 💻 🎤 📈

As part of my at ANU (not on fediverse), I'm doing some exploratory interviews to help shape a survey. The survey and interviews will help us understand practice in voice, and create tools to help make voice tech fairer for everyone.

Ethics protocol: 2021/427

Would appreciate boosts / RTs for reach 💖


I was 8 doses of acyclovir in when I went to bed last night. (Ninth now.)

Still a bit of brainfog today, but a whole lot better.

Apparently I was getting the white spots on my scalp still yesterday, but now starting regress.

Still can't over-emphasise the importance of PROMPT intervention. Had I waited the extra 24 hours for my scheduled appointment, it wouldn't have been pretty.

First signs were extreme fatigue last Monday - which I blamed on daylight saving.


Just been given ssh/sudo access to a server belonging to an Orthodox theological seminary.

Nobody is asking me for NDAs anymore. Do I have a trustworthy face, or something?

food, fish 

I grew up thinking that sardines were OK things that came in tins. Let loose on the fresh product, they pickle beautifully, now trying to perfect frying them.

My partner is having lamb chops, so I am cooking these in the residual lamb fat. Which totally works.

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food, fish 

NOT from the book, but have remembered I used to use egg, wholegrain mustard, salt, peppar Frobisher the book I have added breadcrumbs.

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Making myself stekt sardiner to the recipe of stekt strömming. Checking recipes.

swears, databases 

When you let web people design databases....

FAAAAARK! A column that should have unique values (duplicates would break shit) doesn't even have an index. Waaaaaa!

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