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TFW you realise you aren't tapping your feet, but actually doing the bassline.

I haven't played an organ in over 20 year. I totally need a MIDI pedalboard. And a second Kawai K5000.

Three ayee-em, three ayee-em, three ayee-em, three ayee-em eternal...

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The existence of draft horses strongly implies the existence of Final FINAL rev1 (copy) (backup) FINAL3 dot horses.

For the next couple of days, I have well-defined tasks, clear goals, I either know how to do what needs doing, or where to look it up if I don't.

So, of course, I'm finding it impossible to get started.

@Tarale "You are taking this the wrong way" is the biggest red flag out. I am sorry that you are dealing with a total shunt, who has just outed themselves as such.j

You are a beautiful person, and a good mother, and anyone who says other can utterly get fucked. And they can leave D the fuck alone, too.

@grumpysmiffy i like reading well formatted yaml.

I find it entirely impossible to write

I understand that there are good reasons not to quote toot, but it does mean I can't do anything about images WHICH PEOPLE HAVEN'T FUCKING CAPTIONED. Stop being so fucking lazy, and ableist.

The best part of brainstorming with my boss is that we approach things in a very similar way, so it's analysis and reinforcement rather than dialectic.

work +ve 

Boss is on the road installing stuff. The "huddle" that was going to be about "I can't get into Azure" became "let's redesign shit so it's far less complicated" and now I'm FAR more confident about what I'm doing.

I just need to refresh myself on Getting Started With Docker.

Wondering if it's safe to go to sleep. Have a grumbly dog who has already been sick. Hope she settles.

I'm going to be having nightmares about map[string]interface{} tonight. Sheesh. Processing JSON in Go is a helluvalot more complicated than in Perl/PHP.

This is what you get when you deal with unknown data structures in a strongly typed language.

Fathers Day -ve 

Thank fuck it's now upon us, so I'll stop getting email about specials from everyone from whom I've ever bought things.

A bit of it I could handle, but it gets a bit raw for those of us who have lost our fathers, no matter how long ago it was. (And I assume likewise for those with poor relationships with fathers, too.)

Now that I feel a bt more stable with work, I am feeling closer to geting back into music..I REALY NEED A BASS! And a mandolin. And an Appalachian dulcimer.

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My partner, who has significant medical issues, is readjusting to life. She has started doing an iPad piano course. We have a pretty knackered 1936 Blüthnern baby grand and a pretty horrible (tone wise) 1980s rebadged Kawai upright, but it sounds like a Roland digital is going to happen, and I can only applaud this.

I am now motivated to get all my strings tuned up, and fix the faulty socket on my electric guitar.

There should be a law against using 'new' as a variable name. Especially a couple of lines away from where an object is being instantiated.

Just messaged my (Austrian) boss in an unholy mix of English and German, and feel particularly good about it.

I really need to get my German up to speed. I know why we are all working int English, but this is a great time to develop.

I'm getting to the point that I can't keep up with conversations on here. Been like that on :birdsite: since forever, but thought it might take a bit longer here.

*slow clap* Just managed to turn WIFI off on a remote machine. To which I was connected by WIFI. Just as well it's in the same room as me.

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