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Hey Mastodon!

I have a question for you all: What, in your opinion, is the most user-friendly OS ever created? I need some stuff to study for a thing I'm making that relates heavily to OS design.


Today's fun task is learning about MQTT. Thankfully, although it's named after MQSeries - with which I have had a brief and less than pleasant encounter - it's actually something else.

Serious top tip for working with headless Raspberry Pis - if you don't happen to have a handy HDMI monitor kicking around to diagnose boot issues, a cheap HDMI to USB video capture dongle and your computer's camera app is all that is needed.

h/t Alan Garfield on :birdsite:

Since creating a ssh file on rootfs isn't enabling ssh for me, this is a useful tool for getting the thing set up without a network connection.

2021-07-15 14:55

Outside 11.4 C
Living Room 17.1 C
Dog Room 17.7 C
Master Bedroom 14.1 C
Office 15.1 C
Laundry 17.5 C


I have no idea what happened to the old one. Plugged it into video capture, and it showed nothing but a multicoloured blob.Testing the SD card (rewritten) to see if that's still OK, and if it's just the Pi itself.

I have to say... The Python book I have emphasises readability.

I couldn't write a single line of Python, but I've just read through a couple of programmes without any problems.

So yeah, if I do any more stuff with sensors on RPi, I'll definitely get into it.

Resurrecting my weather monitoring stuff for Raspberry Pi, because it is relevant to future work, have discovered that Past Me got pissed off with Node.js, and wrote the whole lot in Perl.

Which means installing all of the CPAN modules.

Yaaaas! This clean install of OWFS detects the adapter without having to unplug it an plug it in again after every reboot.

This harks back to when I was running my own git server. Migrated to a new host, everything broke, so I pretty much gave up. Now chucking everything onto GitHub.

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So I had a Raspberry Pi project that never got added to git, so the directory was empty on my Macs. Yesterday, without even checking to see if I could read it, I reformatted the SD card of the broken Pi. Which had the code on it.

Thankfully located on my Ubuntu laptop, now very much under git control.

I'm all for inclusive language, but I just learnt the hard way that GitHub has done away with the "master" branch in favour of "main." (I was trying to push to master and getting errors).

That's going to take a bit of unlearning!

Searching (Bing) for "screen reattach" - I am surprised that the text hits were what I wanted (screen -r, couldn't remember if the r was upper or lower case) seeing as how it was trying to push videos of repairing things.


I've been given an overview of what "new work" is doing, and it looks like I'm about to get a crash course in geospatial stuff. Plus TimescaleDB. Plus a load of other stuff.

Going to Adelaide on Monday, to get things moving. Can't wait!

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MUCH EXCITE! Just waiting for my hopefully soon to be boss to deal with an urgent email, then it's time to talk turkey. I hope.

Ah, OK. No wonder I'm cold. Took my jumper off in the WARM room, and have been in my office for the last hour and a half. Which is NOT warm.

work, job ad 

Adelaide C software engineers, Interested in an embedded firmware job? The place my friend works at is looking for two.

Please boost if you feel so inclined :)

(Possible) death 

Awkward. Someone I don't know replied to a tweet conversation I had back in March 2019. I believe my correspondent at the time to be dead. (He was certainly very sick, last I heard). As the question wasn't directed at me, and this rando obviously doesn't know Joe well enough, keeping right out of it.

Regarding the icon blindness survey - sadly, only 18 respondents, so not a very good sample, but:

4 - icon blindness and prosopagnosia.
7 - icon blindness, no prosopagnosia.
7 - no icon blindness.

(ex) work 

Well, that was a big fucking phew. Former boss replied to my mail, we are still being professional. It's not entirely over, we can continue to work together.

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