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Searching (Bing) for "screen reattach" - I am surprised that the text hits were what I wanted (screen -r, couldn't remember if the r was upper or lower case) seeing as how it was trying to push videos of repairing things.


I've been given an overview of what "new work" is doing, and it looks like I'm about to get a crash course in geospatial stuff. Plus TimescaleDB. Plus a load of other stuff.

Going to Adelaide on Monday, to get things moving. Can't wait!

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MUCH EXCITE! Just waiting for my hopefully soon to be boss to deal with an urgent email, then it's time to talk turkey. I hope.

Ah, OK. No wonder I'm cold. Took my jumper off in the WARM room, and have been in my office for the last hour and a half. Which is NOT warm.

work, job ad 

Adelaide C software engineers, Interested in an embedded firmware job? The place my friend works at is looking for two.

Please boost if you feel so inclined :)

(Possible) death 

Awkward. Someone I don't know replied to a tweet conversation I had back in March 2019. I believe my correspondent at the time to be dead. (He was certainly very sick, last I heard). As the question wasn't directed at me, and this rando obviously doesn't know Joe well enough, keeping right out of it.

Regarding the icon blindness survey - sadly, only 18 respondents, so not a very good sample, but:

4 - icon blindness and prosopagnosia.
7 - icon blindness, no prosopagnosia.
7 - no icon blindness.

(ex) work 

Well, that was a big fucking phew. Former boss replied to my mail, we are still being professional. It's not entirely over, we can continue to work together.

Comes to something when the highlight of my day is a Slack invite.

And after my nap, I need to figure how to set JAVA_HOME on the Windows machine so that Flutter doesn't have a barney about Android SDK licenses.

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The trick to running dual monitor from an armchair is to have one laptop open on the side table, and another on your lap..

Wellp, I've got Flutter running in Visual Studio Code on both my MBA and my ThinkPad, so I think that deserves a nap.

Today I am using all three of my laptops. The Mac, lid closed, and screen shared onto one monitor of the mini, on which I am typing. The HP Elitebook, running Ubuntu 20.04 is currently being a Linux server on which I have just installed PostgreSQL, connected by SSH. The Windows 10 Thinkpad is where Flutter is happening, currently downloading Android Studio, so I've got a phone-sized emulator. Connected by VNC.

If you told me a week ago I'd be downloading QGIS for work purposes, I'd have looked at you funny.

Sorry didn't CW that as work, but my brain is still just a bit messed after 7 months of doing something I probably shouldn't have been doing.

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...but, somewhat ironically, will be reaching out to me for future engagements, where quality documentation is required.

So it was a case of "au revoir," rather than "fuck off, and never darken my doorstep again."

And now I can move on.

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Yesterday I had the Final Call with my now ex-boss. Which I had been dreading. She will pay HALF of my last invoice. But made a point of acknowledging the significant contributions and work I've put into the project over the last year.

And the documentation that got me into strife due to my obsession with it? ALL my co-workers saw fit to tell her how good was what I wrote for them. So, the engagement is ended for what I was doing... (continued)

Work ++ 

So that call this morning. I got a bit of a sinking feeling when key parts of the stack are things I know about, but lack expertise. Doesn't care. What I DO know is a bit about everything - including the electronics. Which I get to play with. Same as the boss. Which is exactly what he needs. And I've got form, don't need to prove anything.

I am a bit stunned.

For those of you on :birdsite:, I am running a survey about icon blindness (prosopagnosia, but with icons) and invite participation. I'll post the results here.

Running for two days.

You're the first one here.

Been staring at that, and a very small picture of me, for the last 10 minutes.

Assuming he's stuck in traffic.

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