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@koosli Got let into overnight. I'm just plain ~smiffy there. Have had a quick poke around, but haven't created anything yet. What's the Gemini equivalent of index.html?

Sometimes I'm almost as bad with music as I am with books - buy it and either play once and forget, or just forget. Especially with Bandcamp, if I don't download it into iTunes.

Not so long ago I bought the full Bandcamp discography of Milford Progress Association, which I have literally just found.

Right now, I am playing Luna et Oceanum. Tasmanian Ambient Goodness!

Because I need French Dark Wave.

See also which is the solo project of Hélène de Thoury, the musical/instrumental brains. (Amandine writes/performs the vocals).

I need to go out and shut the gate, and feed the horse. But it's cold, and that means putting my jacket on. Just don't have the spoons,


Amelia shared a couple of WIP shots of my avi, so, I hunted down the original photo, to complete the set.

New avatar! I commissioned this from the highly talented Amelia Carson, Amelia_Draws on Twitter.

Aaaargh, OMG, OMG, OMG, Mikko Kuoppala liked one of my tweets! As in, the artist known as Pyhimys.


First in, what, 6 weeks? But I never learn. I might have got away with just the espresso, but now I'm tucking into a pot of tea, when I said I wouldn't.

My caffeine tolerance has become - very poor.

Now listening: Juuret by SAIMAA and Anna-Katariina Hollmérus.

Just when I think I'm getting on top of Suomi pronunciation, I run into é, and have no idea how it's pronounced.

If I didn't achieve anything else yesterday (which I did), I've got my boss into SAIMAA.

Second night without languages. but good feels, talking to the new intern.

Just wow. The album Matka mielen ytimeen by SAIMAA - this is some of the best Prog Rock I've heard in ages.

Myrskyluodon Maija

My org is looking for an asciidoc or markdown toolchain consultant. We need templates and tooling that end up with PDF docs. It all needs to be FOSS, usable by people on Linux/Mac/Windows, and backed by git or svn. We're command line, emacs, vim types, but interested in guis too.

For reference, we have a Latex -> PDF repo:

If you're interested, hop into and say hi!

All leads appreciated. Feel free to circulate this notice. Thanks!

Today's baffling spam: "Sir, Glad to hear that you are in the market for air compressors."

Whilst I may have mentioned air compressors on :birdsite: many moons ago, but that account has no public connection with my email address. So, why?

Work + 

Boss debriefed intern yesterday. I have been complimented on the assistance I gave onboarding.

And everyone's been telling her how good my documentation is.

So considering applying that skillset to other tasks. In other words, looking at the organisation in terms of a Smiffy-shaped hole.

Seriously, Discord vs emails is just - streets ahead. Ask colleague a question, get a response, then just leave a thumbs-up reaction, which would have otherwise required yet another email.

Working my way through the YouTube channel. Don't be deceived by their tender years, they are GOOD.

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A 2019 interview I've found has the youngest at 8, the oldest 14.

Is this the next Kælan Mikla?

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