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That was an easy follow request to reject. The repeated key phrase was "natural health."

Dropped my phone this morning. I now have:
* broken volume down key
* broken charging port
* crack on a thankfully unimportant part of the screen, but I bet it's no longer waterproof.

Never, EVERY get a phone on a contract longer than the warranty.

Meat, alcohol 

I wasn't expecting the akvavit to rock up until next week, but it did, and special occasion, so rude not to. Just wish I had some pickled fish.

Struggling to get my head around having been married for 20 years. And that long in this country. Celebrating the only way I know how, duck risotto and Prosecco.

alcohol, AusPost not being rubbish 

Wow. I live in rural SA, and the akvavit I ordered on Wednesday was at the post office this morning.

Deliveries from Victoria appear to be almost back to pre-pandemic normal.

And, of course, tunnel techniques, going back to Brunel snr's original design of the tunnel shield.

You'd think, as a serious claustrophobe, I'd be Bridges First. But I'm way more comfortable in tunnels than on bridges (also massive achropobe). So I'm for tunnels, all the way.

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Watching a documentary about the SYD harbour bridge.

WTF is this obsession with bridges? Brunel senior taught us how to dig. All the engineering issues of bridges I suspect are due to the bridge-obsessive wankers not being with it enough to understand, and appreciate those most beautiful of our heavy engineering assets, Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMSs).

My partner's new car was chosen specifically for this - transport of mobility devices. Currently a large and a small scooter, wheelchair could be on the cards. She's been VERY practical about an unfortunate situation. The crane means she can take an off-road scooter, which I'd struggle to lift in, with ease.

Car is a Kia Carnival, which has sufficient mod-cons that it's actually pretty good in terms of accessibility.

Not sure at what point I fell into another dimension, where I'm looking forward to a meeting. And from what my learnèd colleague says, so are the others.


Just had a bit of a shock. Someone I knew on Twitter - hadn't seen him round for a while.

Saw a tweet from his partner (who I didn't know was his partner) saying that today is the anniversary of his death.

I had really no idea.


It's been too long. I've ordered some akvavit. Aalborg Jubilaeums, and Skane. Guess I should have got some Linie as well so I'd have Danish, Swedish AND Norwegian.


Other than a pretty intense/productive call with our UX guru last night, I've spent the last few days just being "the IT person" rather than doing my dev role. It's been a pleasant break, just moving domains, setting up WordPress, and things like that which don't involve too much brain*

*Looking things up on Stack Overflow.

Nap successful 👍 Old dog woke up a lot later than usual, and didn't start the woofing routine until I was outside watering the chilis in the carport.

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Will attempt a nap, even though I'm an hour early. If I do it at regular time, grumpy old deaf dog will wake up and start woofing until she sees someone.

Health, trying not to be too optimistic 

So I took my first week's antifungals yesterday. The whole nose/sinus/gunk thing has now got a whole lot WORSE.

Wondering if there is some sort of toxic die-off going on, that is causing this. Can but hope...

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