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That stage in team-building where we're ll looking forward to the call, because we all think someone else has the solution to the problem...

Argh, ocular migraine! Just let me finish my work, FFS. Can hardly see past the dancing geometric patterns.

I remember what an utter PITA SSL certificates used to be. I used a cheap service (don't recall the name) which had such dreadful UX, ugh. Now?

sudo certbot --apache

AND THAT'S IT. So good.

~/.ssh$ ls
authornized_keys id_rsa

Well, there's ya problem, mate!

Good morning. It is April Second; time to upgrade your Internet Trust Level from "assume anything at all sensational is an April Fools joke" to "assume everything is misinformation paid for by someone with several orders of magnitude more money than you".

Not going to CW this, because if it can help, it's worth it. I've been a functional alcoholic pretty much my entire adult life. Coming up to a year since I started to get some control over my life, having addressed the problem with my GP. I'm more than happy to talk about this, privately, if anybody wants it. I will also take public questions - addiction is a complex medical issue, and I'm happy to talk openly about ALL of mine. And there are lots. LOL

I’m selling my trusty Korg M1 synthesizer which I’ve had since 1990. Includes extra drum sounds on PCM card! Works perfectly, only cosmetic blemishes. Anybody in my neck of the woods interested before I put it up on eBay? Asking AUD500.

TFW you read something and wonder what weird Dutch dialect it is in, because the spellings...

Ahem, it was German

I think I'm getting some sort of language fatigue.

Back to Suomi ja italialainen, eh?

COVID denial 

I was going to suggest to my partner that she report the post to FB for misinformation, but having a licensed clinician take care of it is even better.

Besmirching the family name of a trusted healthcare business, and associating it with this sort of whackjobbery is - not good. Angry that it drags in a business now in excellent hands, the family name of my partner, and my late FiL Just nope.

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COVID denial 

My late FiL, who built up a successful pharmacy business must be spinning in his grave now that his son, to whom he handed the business, is an anto-vax COVID denier. Thankfully retired, but spreading misinformation on FB, making himself out to be an authority, because former pharmacist.

Thankfully, one of his FB "friends" is a GP, and has reported to the AHPRA. The good doctor is NOT amused.

Health (unrelated to previous) 

BUT he's OK'd me to do heavy deadlifts, squats, etc, which was a point of concern.

With, of course, the proviso DO NOT TWIST.

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Health (unrelated to previous) 

Saw a neurosurgeon yesterday about my lower back. I was all for leaving it alone, but GP wasn't happy, and wanted it seen to.

Stenosis around L4, L5, plus scoliosis. Currently (mostly) behaving itself.

Surgery not a good idea due to the scoliosis (I think I got that right) plus my other risk factors.

If it flares again, he's authorised cortisone injections.

Main take away is DO NOT TWIST. And definitely never wield a shovel, being the worst possible thing.


My balance isn't good at the best of times, I often get dizzy, and I stumble a lot.

Last night, got up in the middle of the night fell, straight onto the arm with the rotator cuff tears, and now wondering how much of four months of physio has been undone.

Coming up to nine hours later I can, at least, lift my arm.

No YOU just connected Trello to JIRA.

Honestly, I know what I'm doing. I need something more light-weight to do my immediate day-to-day scheduling, without hunting through a LOT off issues.

Electronica 1: The Time Machine, and Electronica 2: The Heart of Noise.

Some of the most amazing collaborations (with Jean-Michel Jarre) I've come across, has introduced me to some awesome acts (like Fuck Buttons) that I'd previously missed.

Jarre and Vince Clarke - I mean!!!

Heard your mum's an anti-vaxxer. Calls herself Mrs Doubtpfizer.

Hints of Dead Can Dance - Mafia Honey: Laivat

I think the instrument is a Kantele, as Salla-Marja Hätinen is credited with playing this traditional Finnish instrument in the band's Wikipedia article.

*whimpers* I only rsync'd the best part of a Tib from one machine to the WRONG disc. IE, the one that's too small.

Trying to remember how to do ftp from the command line. I've been using scp, rsync, wget for SO LONG!

Pyhimys: Valo Pimeän, feat. Salla-Marja Hätinen

Now I've found out who is doing the vocals, I can track down her other work with Mafia Honey.

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