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I've you've ever wondered the source of the "sickos" meme, I've saved you the effort and tracked down the original cartoon, from The Onion:

I've been here for a fair while, really just saying "hi" to those recently come on board. My bio says pretty much all you need to know, although I have chronic health issues which I can talk about quite frankly and openly.

"Surgubben" is a lose translation of "the grumpy bloke."

Maybe it might be time to check over my profile, and do another introduction. It's been a while...

Big HELLO to all our new folk! Welcome to the community, I hope you find what you are looking for, and enjoy it as much as we do.


Expensive trip. Happened to mention I was unwell but with hypertension and anxiety involved, ended up with heart/lung check, including ECG, and viral (non COVID) nasal swab.

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Sigh. Glad iPad and phone are with different carriers, at least I can tether in blackspots.


That’s a first. Had to ring the doctor because I’m sick, to see if it’s OK to see the doctor. (I already had an appointment) Nurse has cleared me, because no respiratory symptoms.

Anxiety back with a vengeance, and BP 180/110 or worse.

Heads up: our Aldi has classical and electro-acoustic guitars for $100, and Kaiser-style capots for $11. Sadly, no electrics. Or basses.

The default interactive shell is now zsh.
To update your account to use zsh, please run `chsh -s /bin/zsh`.
For more details, please visit

How about no?

auspol, fb 

I have an account I don't use - just had a look at it. Top of the page is a list of stories I might like - from SBS, Grauniad, ABC... Which of course go to a blank page.

But my primary English language news source which isn't the Grauniad - which I access directly - is DW, which is German, and thus still there.

I'd question why anyone would get their news through such a manipulative platform, but *shrugs*


This started off as an adult take on Heinz beans and sausages. Cannellini beans, sausage, pork fillet, tomato. Added button squash, because there's a steady supply out there right now.

After about ten minutes of estimating time remaining, it's now about 13, no 12 minutes remaining. *sigh* y u so slo?

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14 minutes remaining för several minutes, then back to "estimating time remaining" for even more severals of minutes.

Just as well I've got my laptop here, hey? Ancient Mac Mini is pretty slow, and very out of date, so chucking Catalina on it, and it's taking AGES.

If Techno is your thing, and you don't Voiski (Luc Kheradmand) his SoundCloud is here:

MH - 

Something is right now wrong with me, my brain isn't right, and I'm gobbling up corticosteroids, suggesting I've caught something, but don't know how or why with the hygiene I've been observing.

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