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So, the response to this so far has been heart-warming. Those with stable income have either continued, or increased.

Personally, I can't make long-term commitments, but I have been buying (and commissioning) art - whilst I can.

What I really wish is that the likes of Patreon could take ad-hoc donations. Would certainly suit me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one not knowing what's happening month-to-month.

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Someone I love and respect on :birdsite: just used "less" for "fewer" and I think I need to check out for a while.


So I wonder - others who supported Patreons and other causes, has the current crisis made you pull your horns in, whether for necessity, or worry?

Note doing a survey or anything, just thinking out loud on my personal experience of the last twelve months.

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I guess the was ahead of the curve. I got dumped (for economic reasons, which is all the more maddening) just BEFORE the 'rona hit, and everything went pear-shaped for everyone.

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Gods, I love this community. I had to drop all my Patreons when I was made redundant (or the long term contractor version thereof) but, @aussocialadmin, is there a way to do one-off donations? I like to pay for what I use, but things are way too volatile to make regular commitments again, right now.

Got an 89% discount offer from Private Internet Access (VPN service).

I hmm'd and I hah'd. And upgraded my ProtonVPN from free to basic instead. Now that they have presence in Australia.

@aussocialadmin Watching the Spanish bots to see what they're actually going to DO.

I'd have to say it's a bad bit of targeting going into an Australian instance, as I really don't think there would be THAT many Spanish speakers here! ¿Che?

Health, impairing work 

Today I have to:
* Get a head-shot taken
* Find and update my CV
* Summarise my CV in an "our people" format
* Add a section to a document, which is basically a brain-dump
* Answer a couple of questions that will require about a paragraph each.

Do you think I can get started?

I'm not sure if it's anxiety or what but, even doing these simple, well-defined tasks, has got me beat.

Trying to get my shit together before 0900 at least.

For anyone interested, I've translated the speculaas recipe from het Nieuwe Haagse Kooboek into English, at the request of a friend.

Boosts welcome.

Anyone interested in hiring a software engineer who is comfortable with low level programming, including embedded work? Now that 2021 is here, it's high time I start considering re-entering the work force.

I'm comfortable working in assembly language for several different processors, C, Python, Ruby, and C++ (in order of most recent to least recent experience).

My professional resume isn't terribly impressive in this area (who does low-level work anymore?), but I like to think that my Kestrel-3 and Kestrel-2 work shows my skills.

Let me know if you think I might be a good fit for your organization. Thank you.

I neither need nor can afford a new MBP, even if they have brought back the escape key.

But. Looks. So. Nice.

Interesting. Acquired the album Nachtmusik by Lightwave, because serendipity, and it makes me think of Ligeti.

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Cheers, good friends all. Thank you for being with me through this rather trying year and a bit. (Things went bad for me early last December). Wishing you a safe, and peaceful 2021.

At least I got away with doing only one diagram. What was going to be the second diagram ended up as a bullet list. Which, for me, is much easier to read.

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The architecture overview has turned into quite a comprehensive design spec. I don't really think I could have done the one without the other.

Re last boost: same applies for other vaccines. In pre-rona days, I still tried to avoid crowds/buses to the city for a fortnight after, as "only flu" would still screw me good and proper.

Please remember that it takes both doses of the #vaccine for it to work, and then it will take about a month for it to become fully effective. Even then no vaccine creates full immunity for everyone who gets it. Even after you get the #CovidVaccine you will still need to wear a mask and social distance to protect yourself and others from this virus. It also is going to take a long time to get enough people vaccinated to create herd immunity. Please stay safe everyone, and take care of you and those around you. #COVID19 #COVID #COVID_19

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