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Earworm, TERF mention 

I'm earwormed with Star Treki'n, but with the lyrics :

Oh, JK Rowling is a TERF, is a TERF, is a TERF
JK Rowling is a TERF
What a nasty bitch

Was producing graphics ever in the remit? No. Can I free up my client from a tedious task? Yes.

Also, working in German is a practical alternative to the Green Owl.

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Progressing OK. Cranking out Up by System 7, creating inspirational quotes in German. (That is, I have the quotes, I'm turning them into graphics.)

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My client has given me everything I need to forge ahead with my work - apart from spoons. Ugh.

Don't forget #mmbc people (and anyone who loves music), it's almost #BandcampFriday (official start time in about 8 hours). Check:


If he loses, the shit hits the fan.
If he wins, the shit hits the fan.

Head and shoulders
Dandruff warriors
Chicken in a basket
Scalp and chips


"Your delivery from Beer Cartel is being prepared."

WHAT delivery?

And then I remembered - I pre-ordered their advent calendar.

Which is terrible, as I'll be staring at it for the best part of a month!

Last video, and I'm calling it a day. Download, transcode, upload, add texts, rinse and repeat.

Nice that I can read the Spanish summaries, though, even if I've got a way to go with Green Owl.

COVID-adjacent, health insurance, JobKeeper 

NIB has applied a $48 credit to my account to cover policy increase for the next 6 months.

I just had to prove I was on JobKeeper.

Better than a kick in the teeth.

Better grind up some cardamom, I guess. Only one of the spices GFresh (gluten free range) doesn't do as ground.

I thought that if I searched for recipes for GF speculaas, it would just turn up ones using GF flour mixes.

First off the block - almond meal and buckwheat! Looks really good.

Use your favourite machine translator if you don't read Dutch.

Note that 1 eetlepel = 15ml.

The maths to create the SVG to make the shapde, and the laser cutting was the easy bit. Now I've finally figured out the weave.

MELAMINE! I broke - through a medical incident - my partner's favourite melamine tray. The critical art part is fine, and I can re-mount it in wood, but I need to chop off the sides. My laser cutter is too small, so this means table saw. Tips?

Cheers to my VIC folk, whatever you're doing. Enjoy new freedom but please, please be careful.

Old dog getting grumpy because I'm 8 minutes late for yoghurt time.

Just remembered something else about the last op. Someone said "I'm here to hold your hand." Now I recall at some point, someone was. Conscious enough to still be able to follow commands to move my head, for me, I don't think I could have asked for a more reassuring experience.

Just sent an email to the surgeons thanking the whole team for care received, and going out of the way to accommodate me as a rural patient, with transport issues, etc. Credit where credit's due.

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