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Status: waiting for the anaesthetist to ring. I'm tired, and have a headache.

Figured out how to template the output file name, and save the size as a preset. Not it's just add files, click Start Queue.

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Aaaand... The fan stopped as soon as the batch finished. Not like closing a rogue tab in Chrome, then.

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I'd forgotten that my Mac Mini had a fan. All it took was feeding a batch of seven videos into Handbrake for transcoding...

(And thanks to those who suggested Handbrake; just takes a few clicks, without having to understand what's going on).

The recipe for Hollandaise in Vår Kokbok is the best - because it tells you how to rescue it when you fuck up. Today was my first attempt when I didn't have to do this.

Basically 1 egg, 15ml water or dry white wine, 50g butter, 1/3rd teaspoon salt, juice of 1 lemon. Waterbath. And, this is most important, PAY ATTENTION.

The cost of damage to my already buggered shoulder, trying to start a machine that has never before been serviced in 15 years is neither here nor there. Just have to remember to start it with the other arm.

But, bloody hell, going from the little round line Ryobi electric to square profile line driven by an engine is a heck of a difference.

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Strimming the old dog yards is not optional, with waist high vegetation, and coming into snake/fire season. I don't know how much contractor $154 would hire, but giving it to the Stihl agent for a comprehensive service of the old machine has got the job done, and I have an as good as new brush cutter.

I have some videos 1080x1920, and between 32-280Mb in size.

I want to resize these to 720x1280, and get the file size down to similar ones I have, which are, on average, about 2.5Mb, maximum 11Mb in size.

Don't want to pay for software unless it's <= $25.

I have Macs and Windows 10.


The biggest thing I missed about being here is that I am missing out on my non-English content. But it only took following my :birdsite: mate, @jeroen to get German and Dutch into my feed, and the balance is being restored :-)

Health, a shitshow in three acts. 

And that's the whole point of the 24 hour test, to see what I'm like when not stressed shitless, ie: asleep. And it looks (to me) OK. My physician isn't unduly concerned, and he's where the buck stops.

The threat of an emergency hospital admission - which would achieve nothing - only contributes to my stress.

So just leave me alone, 'K?

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Health, a shitshow in three acts. 

No call from the clinic. I had (Tue, Wed) a 24 hour ambulant blood pressure monitor, and daytime readings were - concerning. I don't think the nurse even wanted to let me go home. Was going to run it past my GP, in case my end of the month appointment needed to be NOW.

Which is a natural, and appropriate reaction for anyone who doesn't know my clinical history. But ARGH, YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE A STROKE readings are actually normal for me...

Once again, I can relax, and breathe a sigh of relief, because Helen* Is On The Case. Every little bit that reduces my anxiety is so very welcome.

*My accountant.

What is your principle Fediverse stream?

How do you follow / use The Fediverse / Mastodon?

Boosts appreciated.

Going six years back in time to Bannkreis. METAL WITH TRADITIONAL FOLK INSTRUMENTS FTW!

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Having now listened to the entire album, I can say that this is my kind of Metal.

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@jeroen Listening to Engelskrieger. If this is typical of Subway to Sally, I have to say I like it. Goth Metal.

Yeah, so I bought three albums of a band I'd never heard before.

First up: Subway to Sally - Engelskrieger

If asked to classify, so far, Goth Metal. And I'm here for it.

Unsterblich -

Reasonably accurate reproduction, without the internal bend, and with cut ends, rather than points. No snags, with trial insertion into sock. Made two, to be live tested.

I can now contribute more to my partner's sock knitting machine hobby, beyond lubricating the machine with molybdenum disulphide grease. "I need two of these." Enter my long-abandoned jewellery making supplies, and tools.

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