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When people ask me if my other senses have intensified since losing my hearing

@stibbons Well, that escalated quickly. Was just going to have a single board for "home," but now have one for my cataract operation. Feeling like a good match for me, so thanks for the pointer!

@zens Thought you might be interested. Was pointed to it by my client - the author is an alumnus of her self defense academy, so in the family, so to speak.

How to remove condescending language from documentation

Who would have thought that a couple of eye surgeries would require such complex logistics? Much of this due to living rurally.


Just had the 24 hour ambulant blood pressure monitor taken off. The nurse didn't really want me to leave.

Trying to explain my crazy hypertension can be fun. Just talk to my bloody physician, he knows.


This woolfie came into the laundry like a rocket when I opened the door. But it was pretty crappy outside at the time.

auspol why do I even bother 

"Sign the petition ✍️ Tell the Morrison Govt to stop making deals with parties that promote racism."

I just love the sheer naïveté at play here. Like twat-face's party isn't inherently racist? But then, parties apart, I assume racist for every white Australian, until proven otherwise.

hey everyone! please welcome @voxel to mastodon. He’s a chill dude who writes DOS games sometimes. he wants to ween himself off birdsite so give him a hand.

post time!

I am Moxhuman, a 27 year old salesperson living in south east Melbourne!

I am an avid gamer, linux user, physics enthusiast, and sales trainer!

My preferred pronouns are He/Him or They/Them.

Not much else to say except Hi everyone! And I look forward to interacting with you all!

OK, I'm digging this. Just got myself a new Faun album, Märchen & Mythen. Wonderful sound.

Kann jemand ein gutes ersten Subway to Sally Album empfehlen? Danke.

Can anyone recommend a good Subway to Sally album to get me started?

THAT'S WHAT I NEEDED. Some upbeat folk (not quite metal) rock. Faun - Schrei es in die Winde

Just my mind that keeps hearing "Scheiß in die Winde."

Looks like today is going to be an admin day. It does help actually getting paid.

First task is to take five months of scribblings in Evernote, write some Perl, and turn it into a useful spreadsheet.

Can I even remember how to write Perl?

Fairly chuffed about that. Client has corrected my placeholder translations and, other than taking the French version out of title case, and putting it in the familiar form, not many changes at all.

Daylight saving can utterly fuck off. Nothing quite like getting up and doing outside chores in the dark. Had enough of that in the winter.

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