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I know I've whinged about lack of work on here any number of times, but I don't know if I made clear that I have, at least in the short term, something useful to do. And that's delivering self-defence training to women, through an app. This is something that was supposed to have happened a year ago, but it's the old story of contractors not delivering, and muggins here picking up the pieces, and getting it going. Enjoying it enormously, totally in my element.

Kraftwerk's Florian Schneider, dies age 73.

Part of a very significant influence on my musical tastes.

Alcohol Dependence 

Today's four-weekly call with my doctor, I asked if there was any pharmaceutical assistance to help cut my drinking back.

Acamprosate, here we come...

Plan B is to add naltrexone.

Then we get to tackle the underlying issues, which might not be so easy BUT naltrexone has been used to treat fibro, so you never know...

Thought my $100 a month nasal sprays had stopped working, but some utter Knut is having a burn-off. My nose is BURNING.

Ah, fuck. Not quite watching a doco on the Egyptian pyramids, can''t see the screen, disgusted at self that I can''t keep up with the French dialogue.

Anyone here know OpenCart who can help a currently cash-strapped small crsft business? Shout if you can help, and I'll connect you.

So, in a way, we were both, to a degree, pre-screened for each other.

And it's an ethical project I can totally get behind.

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Zoom meeting with my Berlin client has lifted my spirits a little. There is a hint of Märchen in this, I'm the third person/organisation to take on the task, which is WAY overdue, sorry Failure Is Not An Option. So the third son (or sole trader) needs to make the magic happen.

Don't ask where my Impostor Syndrome is at this time.

And for those who like to shit on social media, met client when she volunteered for the RoCur that I run.

Pet death 

Here she is, last hours, sleeping with her head on her sister.

And now she is gone, literally died in my arms. Sleep well, little sister.

Pet death 

As of tomorrow, she'll no longer be with us, due to an aggressive tumor behind the eye.

Mother to all the youngsters, will be dearly missed. Just hope she makes it to tomorrow in comfort.

This is Sólveig Matthildur's first album. Some of the echoey vocals recall to mind a certain beloved band from Grangemouth. I totally love this. Been following Kælan Mikla closely, but had NO IDEA that Sólveig had her own side-project.

A carved oak table,
Tells a tale
Of times when kings and queens sipped wine from goblets gold,
And the brave would lead their ladies from out of the room to arbors cool...

I hope my current work works out, that is, I get paid, and the client is all the client appears to be.

I trust her instinctively, we appear to share social values - just doing a lot of finger-crossing.

@Posty BTW, I don't think I ever told you, but when you had your manic episode last year, I was actually hot on your heels. Nearly got sectioned, but I'm a very compliant patient, behaved myself, and was allowed to stay home. Not that I didn't have other significant health issues at the time (that triggered it in the first place.)

@ben_hr I believe that happy birthdays are in order. Have a good one!

I was today old when I discovered that Sólveig Matthildur, keyboard player from Kælan Mikla, has a solo career!

It's about a year ago that the wheels started falling off my life, with my health collapsing in a fairly serious manner, amongst other things.

Hence why it's taken me until now to pick up on the latest Minuit Machine album, Infrarouge.

Get your dark, Parisian electro-wave goodness here:

So I'm having to get my head around the mobile app space. Using HTML+CSS+JavaScript to create a native app makes me feel that someone's missing the point somewhere. If it could be done in-browser, why have a native app?

Be REALLY nice if browsers were able to get at some native APIs, if granted permission.

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