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The great thing about having a crappy memory is discovering interesting books that you don't remember buying (or why).

If I sound weird at the moment, it's because I'm in a transitional period, where I am ALMOST entering the next phase of my career, but there are too many damn variables. What the recruiter matched me with (and it's a new client for them) well, I've talked to them, and it's thrown a wobble in their orbit, but it's a good wobble, as I'm mostly what was asked for, but I am more... And my age is not against me, it's an asset, in terms of experience.

Police check done, large hole in lawn filled. It took a 70 litre sack of cheap potting soil - one or more dogs had been most industrious. Still have to mow weeds on back lawn, but was too sunny by the time I'd finished photographing all the supporting documentation for the police check.

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Today I have but one task, and that is to complete the police check which is the bottleneck to the next phase of my career.

You won't get me interested in noisy, fast cars, but there's a certain charm to a 79 litre V12 chucking out 2,250 BHP on the shaft at 1500rpm

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I was almost this old when I learnt that the hair-raising banshee wail of the original Inter City 125s of my childhood (4100 series power cars, if you want to be really geeky) actually has a popular name: the Valenta Scream*

And you can buy videos of them doing it. Of course you can.

*Supercharger noise from the Paxman Valenta engine.

For those playing along at home, recruiter just called to say that reference is sorted. Just waiting for their legal and client's legal to thrash out some contractual stuff, then a police check. But moving quite swiftly.

So I did. And didn't make too bad a job of it, AND I learnt a useful new phrase. Blesséd are the Vlaams/Nederland speakers, because they are SO helpful and encouraging in my attempts to learn the language. (Which is why I don't feel embarrassed to try these conversations.)

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Ég er mjög þreyttur. And I ache like buggery.

Things I wasn't having to expect to do tonight: explain golliwogs to a Belgian, using appropriate cultural references. And yes I'm going to fucking try it in Vlaams. I've been too fucking slack of late and, whilst I beat myself constantly, recently, it's only been a minor tap.

After a long day, there's something very reassuring about having a bus driver who calls you by name. And air conditioning that works.

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Good day all round. Interview was more like a regular client meeting, not scary, but intense (partly my fault, because extroverted introvert.) Then caught up with @TechnicalKO and @urbanfuzzy. Just a tad tired now, but on the bus, and the engine is running, so aircon.

Well, these recruiters aren't pissing around. Just waiting for an email with a time, date and address for an interview next week. They were only EXPECTING the role on the 29th, phoned late afternoon yesterday to say client was interested.

I am prepared for disappointment, but it's good to see any interest at all.

@TechnicalKO Any experience migrating LetsEncrypt stuff from one machine to another? Can you just use a tarball, or are there local keys outside of LE that will get in the way?

1) Set up new $20 Linode in SYD
2) Move everything of Linode in SG to SYD
3) Cancel SG
4) Set up backups for SYD Linode
5) Move everything from Servers Australia to SYD Linode
6) Cancel Servers Australia

Consolidating, because costs.

Two days ago, I was stressed at having zero work lined up. Now I've got a recruiter putting me forward to a client, and now I REALLY know what stressed means.

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