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Feeling unusually relaxed (read: not racked with anxiety for a change.) There is a task that seems important enough to drop everything else so I can work on it - and I have just had confirmation that this is the case - I know what I need to do at this stage, and will be working with someone who a) understands the bits I don’t and b) is a very decent person to work with. So feeling pretty comfortable about today.

So happy Friday, all!

“To prove you’re a human, click on all the photos that show places you would run for shelter during a robot uprising.”

To whom it may be of interest: Linode has a new DC in SYD. Not in full production yet, but soon. (Mine is currently in SG.)

I want to do something tonight that isn't languages, work, or just drinking too much.

Kindle, books, you are on notice. Likewise phone, headphones to block out noise with suitable metal, eller trance.

@zensaiyuki By the way, thanks for being here. Our semi-random convos breathe life into - somewhat difficult times

And this works because my - manager? - and I just work well together. Someone responsible for entire system design SHOULD get their hands dirty, to get a better understanding of how everything works, and I’m 110% there to support, and patch up everything that gets broken.

Those who get precious about their code - can just fuck off. I despise the word “team” but am very much a social part of the pack. You can’t live with a large number of dogs and not turn out social.

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The urgent job today - becomes the urgent-ish job tomorrow. My original code has been broken, but the new structure is how it’s supposed to work, so now I just need to un-bugger the new code. Not only am I totally cool with this, but I actually think it’s a good way to work. Break my code to perform a new workflow, I then debug and patch it up. Versus trying to explain to me a fairly complex change, which isn’t easy with my brain-fog.

So I’ve been asked for the impossible, but realistically - I will be assisting others to deliver rather than having to do it all myself. I just need to be available, which is fair enough.

You know the shit’s going to hit the fan when you get a message “what’s your availability tomorrow?” It’s 0922, and I’m still waiting for the spec for the urgent job. I know that if I bury myself in other work, I’ll get immediately, and rudely interrupted. Because Agile.

Whilst I've got a locked :birdsite: account, this is literally the only place that I can be comfortable to say anything.

I wonder how much longer I can continue this.

But at least it's nice, here and now.

Should I do an introduction thread, now that we have so many more people on board? And I don't recall ever doing a proper one, but then me recalling things isn't something I'm good at.

Fun fact: the core loop on System 7’s Kupuri (from the album Encantado) appears to be from Terry Riley’s Rainbow in Curved Air.

A farm not so far down the road has started making something useful with its grain. GIN! Actually based on vodka. Rum and whisky are in the barrel, but not for release until December 2022, IIRC.

Finally got the last of the Danish plates I’ve been getting Herself up on the wall.


Hoorah! Just updated Toot! so when I hit Toot! I get an editor window, rather than a crash.

Gravad lax, senapssås med dill, Aalborg and Linie akvavits. I need to start haunting Woolies on a Sunday morning when there is often reduced to clear salmon. Into the freezer for at least a week, to kill any parasites, then it's osmosis time! How cool (pun intended) is osmotic cookery?

@bestthingsbot Today I took delivery of akvavit, and made senapssås med dill (mustard sauce with dill) allowing me to break my unhealthy relationship with processed deli meats, and enjoy a healthier, home made förrätt.

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