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“I can’t believe it’s not Nightwish.”

At least, it sounds like a track that got missed of Endless Forms Most Beautiful.

Just with male lead vocals, and in German.

Bannkreis - Sakrament

(Sorry it’s PITA shitty Spotify, but they aren’t on SoundCloud or BandCamp.)

478g iPad vs 182g Kindle. Finally admitting to myself that an iPad is a wee bit heavy for a reader. Plus the last book I bought crashes the iPad app. Getting myself a Paperwhite for my birthday, hopefully getting back into reading on a regular basis after too long sick.

Spotify deleted; life’s too short to handle shit like that.

I have not used Spotify before, but the iOS app is the worst fucking UX I’ve seen in the last year. I cannot figure how to play a track.

Best Mastodon app for Android? (phone, not tablet)

It gives me certain satisfaction in that, having now tracked down the source of a bug, the culprit is pretty much “unexpected item in the bagging area.”

MH, Customer Service 

MH, Customer Service 

MH, Customer Service 

Imagine if umbrella ownership didn't turn off that part of your brain that registers the existence of other people.
What a world that would be.

Actually unsurprising, as I've found European broadcasters' news feeds (not in English) to be far more reliable than ones from English majority countries.

Political shift in Hungary, whilst it looks like Polen is staying in place. (That was Swedish automat, can't be bothered to delete so much on a mobile device.) I toyed with NYT and WaPo (Australian media being utterly fucked) but now find the best English language news source for me is actually Deutsche Welle.

Today I tried to do Pomodoro, without a timer, just working on when the concentration started to lapse, interspersing work with Duolingo Welsh. I think it worked fairly well.

I finally did the sensible thing about Clockwork Orange - I read the Wikipedia article. It’s a nope, on the basis of my own mental health. I wasn’t so forewarned about Brazil, and Betty Blue, which disturbed the fuck out of me in pre-Wikipedia days.

Basically, I can’t handle depictions of intimate violence. I know that, and thus protect myself.

Genie: You have ONE WISH.

Me: Alright, I have one, but it's very detailed.
Genie: As long as it is only one wish, you're allowed to spend as much time as you want detailing it.

Me: Alright, here we go. *Grabs notebook and takes a deep breath* The key words MUST, MUST NOT, REQUIRED, SHALL, SHALL NOT, SHOULD, SHOULD NOT, RECOMMENDED, MAY, and OPTIONAL are to be interpreted as described in [RFC2119].

Genie: Wait, is that...?

Me: *Flips notebook* Chapter 1. Preamble.

Wow. I’m a Pty Ltd. How’s that for adulting?

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