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Seriously, follower request? When your linked site is a subdomain of sexy29 DOT ru? Russian intelligence contractors are getting a bit bloody obvious. (And that's not even considering the highly suspicious account stats.)

I also appreciate my colleague processing my merge request on his day off. Just because I work weird hours I don’t expect others to do so.

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Oh. I can have a relaxing day tomorrow. Merge request approved and merged WITH NO DISCUSSIONS TO RESOLVE. So I can get on with battling Kerberos without any distractions.

Seriously enjoying this. Explizit Einsam - a Goth/Dark Wave/Neue Deutsche Todeskunst band from Köln.

Shed doors are FIXED. What’s the chance of getting a tradie the very day after the wind storms? Very pleased indeed.

And it’s just as well as yesterday’s wind and dust have been replaced by rain.

We have a Joe. Joe is a VRP (Very Reliable Person.) I texted him only yesterday in the midst of a destructive wind storm to try to book him to fix the blown off shed doors. Currently outside trying to do same.

I just like this picture. Shows the dust reasonably well, but sky is a bit too light.

Been without power for four hours now. “For safety reasons it has been necessary for our crews to suspend work. We will recommence when it is safe to do so”

Looks like dinner will be gas-fired, or sandwiches.

Just looked at a couple of yeahnah follower requests. One was so brazen as to have their linked site on a .ru domain.

Aaand just when I was expecting a fairly boring (work) weekend, there’s a defect shown up, re-release Monday. Fixing this will be way more interesting.

I’ll forever gripe about relative timestamps but, when “1 day ago” fails to account for time zones, and is actually two days ago, JUST GIVE ME THE DAY OF THE WEEK* AT LEAST.

*In my time zone, thank you.

This is a weird toot, and it's unlikely that it'll work, but I figured I'd try -
If anyone has a Flik Board, and is willing to sell it, DM me.
If anyone thinks they can in any way help replicate or repair a Flik Board via blender/3D printer/sticker printer, DM me.
I've got this possibly spectrum-related thing where I need my very specific stim objects, and Flik Boards aren't made anymore. I only have a few, and I want them to last forever, but they aren't abnormally durable or anything. They'll be lost or damaged eventually. Especially the matte stickers on them, which provide a very particular stim.
If you can help in any way, reach out. And/or signal boost I guess, if you think it'll help.

Thanks ♥️

Reading through this poorly documented code is VERY TRYING.

How to unnerve someone in one easy step: "hello, this is X from the clinic, EVERYTHING IS OK but the doctor would like to change your appointment to a double one." The week after a CT of the head, after multiple head traumas. But it's still 3 weeks away, so can't be too bad.

Oh, and also the week after my MH team passed the baton on to someone else.

Wow, just got to the end of a Memrise speed review (Swedish) without running out of lives, and despite having just switched from a similar language (Dutch.) Go, me.

Damn my pathological honesty. Just discovered that our time reporting system is doing some very creative rounding up, so best to tell the boss.

I love deadlines, especially when they are today. So I’ve got until 23:59:59…

Time to put the kettle on.

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