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@TechnicalKO The Deed is Done. Smiffytech has been nudged back to what I really want to do, another company (letting accountant thrash that out with my boss, it’s just a paper exercise) will be doing the day gig.

So I just ordered a cheapie CNC router where you can swap the spindle motor/chuck out for a 500mW (not MW as per listing!) laser head. Plan is to get the feel with that, then split for anything bigger, a CNC’d Sieg mill, and a 40W laster cutter.

WHAT are the odds, eh? If anyone is going to get shingles AGAIN, it’s just going to be me, right? Right. But detected two days earlier than before so (hopefully,) anti-virals, here I come!

I’ll tell you this for nowt - Time Machine backups as a means of setting up a new machine bring a whole new meaning to the term “fucking useless.” If I were to do it again, I’d just drop a tarball of my home directory onto a clean install, and have done with it.

And go back to rsync for backups of everything not in git.

Can you get remote controls that you can plug into a USB port so you can use say an old Mac Mini as a TV/DVD player?

So, a follow-up.

A few days ago I posted my final post on LinkedIn, saying what a dumpster-fire it had become, and that I was deleting at the end of the month.

Guess what.

A deluge of connection invitations.

I really don't get people.

So, not sparking joy, neither is, haven't logged into Facebook in over two years, and always hated that platform.

Declutter time. Go where the social is, and goodbye to the spam, and the cognitive overload of dealing with email that is 90% circulars.

I also look nothing like any of my previous avis, so there's that.



You can mail me at, that's not going away. I'm on Twitter as @smiffy (amongst others) and @smiffy (not my primary, which is private.)

As of the 1st of August, one place you won't find me is here. LinkedIn jumped the shark and turned into nothing but a spam factory too long ago.


I just posted to LinkedIn:

This was such a good idea when it started. Trust networks, connecting with people that I knew, and the people they knew. Now it's constant randoms wanting to connect with a generic message.

I'm not looking for a job. I'm working for Frisk, I don't ever want to work for anyone else, unless it's myself, in a very different sector, picking up my R&D. So why am I even on this platform.


@TechnicalKO The beta blockers were obvious when I stopped them, the antibiotics with simultaneous improvement in sinus - didn't know that a long-term infection could fuck you up like this. The sudden lack of cognitive impairment is freaking J out a bit, especially when occurring simultaneously with all these falls.

@TechnicalKO I really do seem to have my mojo back - after a long time without rainwater other than drinking/cooking, (and not seeing an inexpensive solution,) I have. Would connect the untouched (and full) 45kl tank to the other 3 x 45kl tank on a 25mm balance line - LDPE irrigation, because no pressure, for the cost of 150m of pipe, plus a few fittings. It's weird getting creativity back after 5 years struggling day to day just to function.

Fuck. I can simulflow again. I SO FUCKING NEED TO TELL WILL (my GP, who has supported me on this journey. Nah, I'm falling over like a Blaps gigas, have a load of other immediate issues, but don't give a shit, because I think I'm coming out of years in thr Doldrums.

As part of my enabled-brain chucking out things that don't spark joy, getting myself off all of the marketing lists.

*eyeroll* Very customer-friendly message. BTW, I never opted into such communication in the first place.

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...because, after five years of zero creativity, zero motivation, and the biggest stack of unread books. My spark has returned. Like in the last couple of days. I'm now back where I left off, aged 46. So now I need to get my body back to 47, which is doable, done it before.

Beta blockers have been in my past since February, and ten weeks into the doxycline - WHOA. I haven't been able to taste for weeks and weeks, and that even includes birdseye chillis. Previous couple of days, the hot mustard I have in my lunches has come over as - maybe I'm don't need half a jar per slice anymore. It actually appears to be a bit hot. Last night I COULD NEARLY TASTE MY DINNER. But this pales into comparison...

I have been - indisposed for a while. Like five years. a combination of beta blockers, and a long-running (as in years) sinus infection, which went acute just over a year ago, and has been reluctant to be controlled. Wind forward to about ten weeks ago, when I was REALLY sick, GP gave green light to my suggestion of long-term therapeutic dose of doxycline, which I've had before, tolerate well, and it works.

The mid-2012 MBA is nearly dead, long live the mid-2012 MBA motherboard in the hardly used mid-2014 body with dead motherboard. Assuming that works. (Already working with transplanted battery.)

Today I am become Viktor Frankenstein, pronounced Fronk-en-steen.

Remember guys: The 'S" in 'IoT' stands for 'Security'

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