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@TechnicalKO Apocalyptica may be worth a visit. Finnish metal 'cello band. Borrows vocalists.

@Posty Thank you for that catalytic conversation at silly o'clock on Monday. Stressful week with Herself having a couple of significant medical appointments Monday and yesterday, and with my own shit, still staggering round half-blind. Gave me a doable project, and you totally got it right that RoCur can work on Masto - perfect toolkit, really.

Doing the actual comm @techoglot building/facilitation, I can do in my sleep, and I don't care if it takes bloody forever - I've made a start.

Information page for is now up:

We're pretty much ready to rock.

The other thing I need to do is to actually find some accounts to follow, otherwise it will be a pretty empty timeline. Of course, I can export/import my own follows, at least those who are public, which will be a start.

So, folks running their own instances, advice please? I try to maintain WeRWorld on Twitter as a safe space for both hosts, and followers. Which isn't that easy given the nature of the platform, but I do maintain a block list, and disable RTs from accounts the account follows (with a few exceptions, like past hosts.)

Looks like I can go one better with @werworld, by de-federating certain instances, if I understand correctly? If so, is there a public List Of Arseholes I can start with?

Having the gamers on our team propose Discord as an office communicator was quite inspired. It really works so well.

"Head detached" obviously knows about my sinuses.

I need a nap, but I think I've found what I need to change. Take out the whole sign-up box, replace with a description of what's actually happening.

Welcome to WeRWorld, a tentative experiment to see if Rotation-Curation (RoCur) accounts can work on the Mastodon platform.

As the admin of WeRWorld on Twitter, I believe they can. A single instance with an admin and a host should be more secure than anything Twitter has to offer.

There is a fair bit I need to do here to get things up to speed, including re-writing what is on, so please bear with me.


Just talking to @Posty - I was saying that it wouldn't work on Mastodon, but now I'm going to contradict myself and say it will, because THE TOOLS ARE HERE. I am going to try to make this happen, using a single user instance. Watch this space.

Twitter RoCur* is, to me, one of its greatest features; wonderful for building networks and community across areas of interest, geography, and more. It works despite the platform, not because of anything that has been done to enable it, like having two levels of login on an account. (Owner plus host - which would also work in corporate situations, without having to use a specific client, like Tweetdeck.)


#whyareyouhere (thread) 

#whyareyouhere (thread) 

#whyareyouhere (thread) 

#whyareyouhere (thread) 

#whyareyouhere (thread) 

#whyareyouhere (thread) 

Nightcap? No thanks, I don't wear one! For me, it's trying to fit one round my CPAP gear. Will this work? We'll see. Goodnight!

In more regular news, I'm not going to bed in cargo pants stuffed with tools. but wondering what I need to retain. Also, need to retrieve beanie. Because cold.

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