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Espresso #1 unsatisfying, due to sinus biofilm. I can potentially have another one, but only if I have a tea-free day (usually three pots.) Decisions.

In case anyone was wondering due to recent discourse, Toot! will be blocking any gab domains.

I do not support white supremacy and hatred, and will never support any server that promotes it.

I may be in a bad place with health and stress, but elsewhere I am in a good place. Every time I come off the phone to my "boss" (I'm a contractor,) I feel calm, and full of the feeling that someone's got my back. Which is a very good thing.

I kid ye not, the washing machine has been showing one minute to go for the LAST FIVE MINUTES. One might be excused for thinking that the timing code was written by Apple.

After updating to Mojave, I get the fun of upgrading Homebrew...

@tootapp Interesting; found a reference to this on GitHub - seems that it happens SOMETIMES. Just tried again and it hit Moments from the correct direction. Looks like a case of fiddle until it works...

OK, it worked, you just don't get a preview, just an icon thing with HEIC written on it. Good enough for me, just a shame I can't do it from my phone.

Let's see if I can get an image from Photos into Mastonaut...

Double 🌈, take 1...

Found the first fairly major whoopsie on @tootapp - go to add media from library, and it shows oldest first - 2004 - with no obvious way to skip to latest. So no recent photos from iOS. Please to use the iOS image chooser?

Well, I SAY that I'm putting Mojave on my MBA, but Apple's CDN is taking one helluva long time to send me a piddly little 6Gb. *drums fingers*

So, yeah, two new Mastodon clients in two days, Mastonaut on Macos, @tootapp on iOS. Gone: web version on Mac (but still using Firefox on Linux) and Tootle on iOS. Thanks to @hugo for the heads up, Mastodon just got a lot more usable.

So, not working tomorrow, BUT have to talk to my (effective) "boss" about terms of contracting, and having to set up a new company to provide services, and AAAAARGHH, stress!

But this is someone with whom I have mutual trust and respect so, despite the terrors of Using The Phone, should be good.

I've just been Agiled. Any out of the blue phone call or Discord message from our Solutions Architect can only mean one thing. Just when I was on a roll with what I was doing.

Bye-bye, aus DOT social Firefox tab!

Hellllllllloooooo from Mastonaut!

Who would have thought that git problems would be a barrier to doing my tax?


Oh, it's Sunday.

Guess I'd better shut the gate, and feed the horse before it starts raining again, even if that does mean getting up.

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